Appears Just Like Human Dysbiosis/SIFO/SIBO
Worms need microbes too: microbiota, health
and aging in Caenorhabditis elegans
Cabreiro, Gems, 2013

Worms need microbes too: microbiota, health and aging in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Cabreiro F, Gems D.
EMBO Mol Med. 2013 Sep;5(9):1300-10.

Worms as Human Aging Models and Worm SIFO/SIBO

Humans are one of the highest form of eukaryotes and worms, the simplest, most elegant.  C. elegans nematodes have nearly the full suite of homolog nuclear receptors, IGF, insulin, and  AMPK pathways. They have a gut microbiota as well and mutualistic health of the microbiota mirrors their longevity.  Careiro and Gems discuss in the above article how bacterial proliferation of the nematode gut highly correlates with reduced immunity and aging.  While the relationship is mutualistic, both microbes and host benefit.  The microbes have a happy home, warmth and food.  For the worm host, the gains are immeasurable — happy immunity, vitamins/minerals and longevity. One of the best growth media for C elegans is B subtilis, the soil based organism I talk a lot about. When growth media are switched out to bacteria which are less mutualistic (like pure E. coli), the nematodes have a very short life. Blockages of the lumen occur; worm constipation and something analogous to mammalian SIFO/SIBO.  When the media has a natural SBO like B subtilis, the nematodes thrive, have no signs of aging or bacterial proliferation and demonstrate notable worm longevity.  Any intervention in fact that prevents bacterial proliferation (SIFO/SIBO) extends lifespans they reveal.  Makes sense, no?

Two of my favorite probiotics contain B subtilis (Prescript Assist and AMD Syntol). Foods that contain B subtilis include any ancestrally prepared and fermented foods that include both protein and starch: gochujang, natto, fermented black bean sauce, Thai shrimp sauces, etc.

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Gut microbiota as a candidate for lifespan extension: an ecological/evolutionary perspective targeted on living organisms as metaorganisms.Ottaviani E, Ventura N, Mandrioli M, Candela M, Franchini A, Franceschi C.
Biogerontology. 2011 Dec;12(6):599-609.

Worms, Change in Hunter-Gatherer Existence and Extended Families

The second article discusses how in the Neolithic only 10,000 years ago, humans were faced with even more pathogens than ever by living in close quarters with both other humans and livestock.  Without a resilient immune system and evolving gene polymorphisms, we could not have survived.  “With the introduction of agriculture and animal husbandry, food resources became more abundant and constant and, for the first time in human history, the population size dramatically increased.” The authors theorize that if it were not for improved immunity via the gut microbiota humans would not have been able to the endure the high antigenic and pathogen load.  I think this is true.  The lectins and phytates from dietary sources were one challenge and the pathogens like worms, malaria, plague, mites, and other fun things were yet another hurdle. Hemochromatosis, cystic fibrosis, increased salivary alpha-amylases might have been some of the adaptations that survived.

“The support of grandmothers in the nourishment of children allowed more pregnancies in the daughters, and thus a greater reproductive fitness.”   Having two children myself, I can support their theory that post-menopausal female longevity was certainly favored for perhaps many reasons including processing grains (soaking, fermenting), preparing fermented vegetables and foods, farming and other tasks for feeding young, dependent children.  There were so many tired nights raising the little kiddies. Certainly, I would not have been able to survive the post-natal years without my children’s grandparents from BOTH SIDES. LOL

“Furthermore, symbiont intestinal microorganisms provided a strategic fitness advantage for the human beings living the Neolithic agricultural revolution by protecting the host from pathogen colonization and enhancing the plasticity of the immune system. Finally, dietary change in the Neolithic agricultural societies due to agricultural practice likely induced a substantial re-adaptation of GM [gut microbiota], favouring microbial communities capable to ferment these new complex polysaccharides to short chain fatty acids (Hehemann et al. 2010).”

Who are your symbionts? Are they extinct? Do you respect them? Are you doing things that favor their growth?   Have you weeded? Seeded your gut microbiota? Feeding and breeding your symbionts in luxury and abundance?

Success Cases with SBO Probiotics and the 7-Steps
Previous 7-Steps To Cure SIBO/SIFO.

Happy New Year to my kind readers~!!  Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories.  I love U and love hearing them all.

Case A: After 3 weeks of SBO soil based probiotics + FIBER (BIONIC) + Gut Rehab — Reversal of Sjogren’s Auto-Antibodies (Chromatin, SSB-LA, ANA)
Anonymous was taking 3 months of RS but no changes until SBO probiotics were taken. In only 3 weeks with taking Primal Defense and Prescript Assist three times per day, she reported her autoimmune Sjogren’s disease to be completely 100% ‘cured’.  Three noxious auto-antibodies (SSB-LA, Chromatin, ANA) normalized or returned to near normal.

“My fingernails are clear and my cold fingers are gone. Oh, I didn’t want to tell you this just yet. But my Sjogren’s antibody (SSB-LA) turned negative last week! That’s after being on the RS/Probiotics regimen for only 3 weeks! I was on RS since August, however. Also, one of the incipient lupus antibody that I tested positive (Chromatin) turned negative this time! My ANA is positive but with very low titer (1:40). That’s the lowest I ever tested and even normal people test at that level. My rheumatologist will be confused!

If this holds up, and I’m hoping it does, I have cured an autoimmune disease. No symptoms and no antibody: that’s a 100% cure. Not just remission. Being antibody-negative is not supposed to be possible, right? Whither molecular mimicry and eternal damnation, I mean, eternal autoimmune tissue attack? You mean, that’s contolled by the microbiome, too? So much for Dr. Fassano and leaky gut (which I now realize seem to have been a foil … it happens but the underlying condition seems to be gut dysbiosis and bacteria).

Wow, I gotta try this on my aunt who also has Sjogren’s and my cousin who has Lupus. Thanks so much guys. This is not what modern medicine says is possible!”

Case B:  After SBO, Fermented Food + FIBER/RS + Gut Rehab — Reversal of Pain, Poor Mood, and Fibromyalgia
From Alexander Hardy (Ajmhardy)

“Just thought I’d add to the noise here- I’ve had a set of health problems that differs from most people .. namely persistent and intense anxiety, as well as adrenal and sleep problems due to going VLC for a few months. I’ve also had fibromyalgia for the past year now, and I could not get it to go away for the longest time…my symptoms have started to improve for the first time since I started feeling the pain.

They have not gone away completely yet, but my mood and the pain have gotten so much better that for the first time in a year, I completely forgot I had fibromyalgia yesterday for almost the entire day. 

A note to anyone who may be reading this in hopes of helping their fibromyalgia- it took me a solid month of having dr bg.’s bionic ..[fiber] to finally feel the pain subside, and I would guess it could take some people many months to get the same relief I got, depending on the state of their gut.

So don’t give up if this doesn’t work within a month, and make sure to include the things that I consumed before I added the potato starch- dulse (for iodine), vitamin d and K supplements, as well as N-acetylcysteine , sauerkraut, kimchi, gochujang, variety of greens and other veggies, sweet potatoes and potatoes, magnesium and zinc supplements, prescription assist, and fish oil pills.”
–Ajmhardy // Dec 24, 2013 at 23:31

  • Are you considering helminth therapy? Might be a good thing if you eat too much dirt or OD on SBOs. Helminth therapy is believed to work via regulating the immune system, but I wonder if gut worms vacuum-up culprits such as protozoans and pathogenic gram-negative proteobacteria as that’s what their tiny mouths are designed to eat.

    Worms as source of vitamin C in the gut:

    Bees also reliant on gut microbiota:

    37 million bees recently slaughtered in Canada:

    Love that lifespan paper. Here’s a chapter in a new book:

    Good luck aging well in a polluted world. Might wanna add some SRB (Sulfate-reducing bacteria) to process mercury per this worm study:

    And now a moment of silence for your poor, very sensitive firmicutes.

  • wow, of course the only thing that gets underlined is my typo. geez, what a jerk. That should be “prescript assist” of course haha. keep up the good stuff grace!

  • Grace, what do you think of Floracol? Some GI specialists in the US are using this.

  • Some physician are not OK to give RS for SIBO, I think it’s more complex because you need also butyrate.
    May be the dose of RS is also important

  • Anonymous

    Firstly, a huge thanks to you Dr BG – your blog put me on to the possibility of mercury toxicity which was the first time I found something could a) explain my seemingly random set of mental and physical symptoms which appeared and then got slowly worse after 2 large fillings 3 years ago and b) explain why months of paleo/kefir/potato starch have brought me very little benefit, making me exasperated as I read the endless success stories of others.

    So I’ve just had my fillings replaced and am following my dentist’s (who is very reputable in the UK) recommended detox which is Seagreens – a seaweed product. Probably 80% of people reporting successful detox seem to use the Andy Cutler chelation protocol (which seems like a massive hassle) but I trust my dentist so will stick with it for now.

    Although I have had no GI symptoms apart from a peristent stinging/sweaty bum I am fairly sure my gut is messed up (else why no effect from RS apart from dreams?).

    I’d like to try RS again to fix it, this time with SBO and psyllium.

    – on the one hand you advise against SBO if severely immune compromised and you mention mercury as an example of immune compromisation
    – on the other you yourself took SBO post mercury removal

    So I’m in two minds about trying SBO and don’t want to make things worse – do you (or anyone else) have any thoughts to help with the decision-making?

    My other symptoms have been constant phlegm/mucus, asthma, fatigue, skin rashes, impaired stamina/exercise performance, brain fog, depression

    James, London

  • Random question–would arrowroot starch be a source of RS and butyrate as well, an alternative to potato starch? How does one figure stuff like that out?

  • Gillian,

    I don’t think arrowroot starch contains as much RS as other sources. But I think it has merit — In the below research butyrate and SCFAs were significantly increased by the variety of fibers and RS in arrowroot starch. A positive immunostimulatory effect was discovered.

    “The starch from arrowroot flour has a nutrition composition of 11.9% water, 0.58% ash, 25.9% amylose, 0.14% protein, 0.84% fat, 8.7% insoluble dietary fiber, and 5.0% soluble dietary fiber. Recent study suggested that the arrowroot flour is a potential source of prebiotics (Harmayani et al. 2011). “

    Here are two that you might want to consider. What I LOVE LOVE LUUUUUURV is that the processing is much safer than PS (potato starch).

    Also green banana flour contains other fibers like NSP, nonstarch polysaccharides, so you can let go of the psyllium for simplicity and convenience.



    I love helminths — perhaps I think you are correct — balance the immune system with both SBOs and soil based helminths!!

    I didn’t know about worm-sourced vitamin C!

    Yes — I believe it is so sad we have decimated the bee populations (and our future bee-pollinated human crops) with herbicides and synthetic pheromonal pesticide chemicals.

    I appreciate ALL OF THE mercury articles especially knowing about SRBs. Silence over now…!


    Thank you as always for all of your elegan and brilliant insights. WE LOVE OUR GUT BUGGERS DON’T WE???!


    You are a hard rocker! I wish all the best for success!! I LOVE your misspellings!!

    Don’t forget adrenal support — very adjunctive therapy for the gut and everything related to the gut-brain axis. Have you tried Resue Pearls??(hat tip Rene S)

  • Gab~

    NO~! Havent seen that ONE. That compares well with Prescript Assist. And it contains fulvic acid, the food for the SBOs that Keith Bell has discussed here. I bet the ‘root’ is RS and fiber, more food for the critters. In the Prescript Assist, they use Leonardite, an organic humate and source of fulvic acid.


    Smallanthus sonchifiolus (root), Fulvic Acid
    Biocritical SBO Proprietary Blend – 5.6 billion/cfu …1125mg
    Lactobacillus sporogenes
    Arthrobacter citreus
    Arthrobacter globiformis
    Arthrobacter leuteus
    Arthrobacter simplex
    Azotobacter chroococcum
    Azotobacter paspali
    Azospirillum basiliencise
    Azospirillum lipoferum
    Bacillus brevis
    Bacillus macerans
    Bacillus pumilus
    Bacillus polymyxa
    Bacillus subtilis
    Bacteroides lipolyticum
    Bacteroides succinogenes
    Brevibacterium lipolyticum
    Brevibacterium stationis
    Kurtha zopfil
    Myrothecium verrucaria
    Pseudomonas calcis
    Pseudomonas dentrificans
    Pseudomonas flourescens
    Pseudomonas glathei
    Phanerochaete chrysosporium
    Streptomyces fradiae
    Streptomyces cellulosae
    Streptomyces griseoflavus

    Each 600mg capsule of Prescript-Assist® contains a proprietary blend of Leonardite, and the following microorganisms: Arthrobacter agilis
    Arthrobacter citreus
    Arthrobacter globiformis Arthrobacter luteus
    Arthrobacter simplex
    Acinetobacter calcoaceticus
    Azotobacter chroococcum
    Azotobacter paspali
    Azospirillum brasiliense
    Azospirillum lipoferum
    Bacillus brevis
    Bacillus marcerans
    Bacillus pumilus
    Bacillus polymyxa
    Bacillus subtilis
    Bacteroides lipolyticum
    Bacteriodes succinogenes
    Brevibacterium lipolyticum
    Brevibacterium stationis
    Kurthia zopfii
    Myrothecium verrucaria
    Pseudomonas calcis
    Pseudomonas dentrificans
    Pseudomonas fluorescens
    Pseudomonas glathei
    Phanerochaete chrysosporium, Streptomyces fradiae
    Streptomyces cellulosae
    Streptomyces griseoflavus

  • James,

    Thank you for your comment. By immune compromised it could be generalized or if your WBC (white blood cell) count is suboptimal either low-normal or below-normal ranges.

    “Although I have had no GI symptoms apart from a peristent stinging/sweaty bum I am fairly sure my gut is messed up (else why no effect from RS apart from dreams?).” This was exactly like me — brain fog, fatigue, frazzled, fat/not lean. I had mild acne on MY BUTT! And no where else… So when people look at you, you must glow with suboptimal health but they cannot tell you are sick or ill, no?? How annoying.

    It’s been a few months of healing the SIBO/SIFO and my bumm is 95% clear! There must be a butt-gut-skin-axis that directly communicates because I’ve heard the same thing from several people where the face/back is clear but the GI toxicity is very apparently on the butt.

    I have several friends and leaders at WAPF and they’ve all used the Cutler protocol to clear mercury. I’ve gone off/on it and I think it is quite fine as well. For my kids and I, for years we have used a gradual, gentle oral chelator that has been in doctor offices for decades with good success as our hair tests and symptoms all appear improved. There is no truly accurate way to assess the total body burden. Additionally there is SYNERGISTIC toxicology effects from ALL THE TOXINS now that we are burdened with — pthlates, plastics, PCBs, mixed heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, DDT, etc.

    Please don’t hesitate to email

  • Jean Jean Jean,

    What do you think?

  • Thank you for the post on banana flour, Dr. Grace. If one just ate green bananas, I assume boiling and then cooling would increase the resistant starch content as well? Just like potatoes? or would that not make a difference?

  • Anonymous

    Dr Grace thanks for your reply. I’m going to give Prescript Assist a try – slowly at first. Will bear the Extreme Health detox product in mind if my dentist’s doesn’t seem to work.

    Have added psyllium to my kefir/potato starch mix for last 2 days and it is generating enormous but not uncomfortable poops!

    James, London

  • Jan

    Dr BG: how long did it take to get results with oral chelation? Did you dose without food or with meals? Did you use the heart detox for the EDTA? Does using an oral chelator interfere with SIBO treatment, like herbal abx? Should it be done either before or after?

    Is there any significance to getting hiccups upon ingesting starches like rice, carrots, green bananas? I can taste a green banana for a long time!

    Also wondering what your thoughts are on gastroparesis? If I have SIBO and a slow MMC and tend towards IBS-C, could I be overlooking GP as a cause for bacteria overgrowth? Thx.

  • Again, forgive my ignorance. Is there a list of ranking of resistant starches? Like is sweet potato a better source than green bananas? Arrowroot low on the totem pole? I cannot find a list.

    I did, in my little lay-person research, came across RS1, RS2, RS3, RS4… What are those? Which is better?

    Does cooking and then cooling increase it in all forms? Or just for potatoes? I.e., should green bananas be boiled? Or are they better sources of RS when raw? Do vegetables contian RS?

    Thank you for putting up with my ignorance and helping me.

  • Alex

    I have sibo and have been taking an sbo for a couple weeks now. Last night I tried 1 tbsp of potato starch for the first time and experienced a lot of anxiety and started feeling panicky. I believe the anxiety is gut related, I’ve had this problem for the past few years. Do you think I should persist with the RS or was the panic a sign that I shouldn’t try it again?

  • Hi Dr. BG,

    I am working on your SIBO protocol with a lot of success so far. SIBO has been a diagnosis of exclusion considering I tested negative for all the common gut pathogens on three different stool tests, I don’t show any signs of inflammation or autoimmune process by blood tests, and my systemic symptoms always connect to the foods I eat and my digestion.

    My question is about starches. Since I got sick very suddenly one day last august, starches have been a big problem. Flaring of all symptoms occurs when I eat anything from sweet potato to white rice. No other food comes close, and I’ve found that a lot of people with gut issues have a problem with starches as well.

    I’m a little bit stuck because while I am having success so far with your 7 step plan for SIBO, the non-resistant starches still seem to be out of the question. Do you know why digestible starches might be such a problem for people with gut issues, and what might need to be done in addition to the 7 steps (if anything) to get starches back in the diet?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi.
    from the uk and would like to know what tests I should use to look at my digestive system / stool.
    I have used Geneva once before and I know the do have a digestive section but I’m very confused in which test would be appropriate for me .

  • Jake Schuster

    What if you’re doing all these steps, and it’s not working, so therefore it appears that there are some serious bugs which need to be killed off before stuff in there is fed??

    Nystatin? Tons of Caprylic Acid?

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      In the modern weeding is appropriate for most while at the time rebuilding what is lost/missing. Have you done any gut testing? It will show you what the gut is dealing with (yeasts, parasites, bacteria overgrowths) and more importantly what is missing.

      • Jake Schuster

        Sorry I’m not really sure I followed your first sentence there :/….’weeding’?

        Haven’t done any gut testing. For me, it’s either afford the test OR afford the supplements to fix things. I’m in New Zealand…if you know of any good tests for reasonable prices please do let me know.

        Happy to report your assistance on my site