Just an update:

This is Case ‘A’ in the preso at PaleoFX15 how Eli, a Spartan Warrior, achieved unexpected improvements in several health categories.

Skin-Gut QS Biohack Outcomes

(1) “wake up with a pep in my step” Didn’ t know sleep was an issue
(2) “my appetite is lower. I feel full all the time. My energy levels are good. There is marginal fluctuation throughout the day. In the past, I have struggled with being hungry all the time. I can see how this would come in handy for a person trying to eat less food in order to lose weight.”
(3) Mild diarrhea ”poop is more regular both in consistency and frequency.”
(4) KNEE PAIN associated with intense trail running GONE
(5) Body fat 10% (DEXA) to 7.4% (caliper)
  • Andy Mobbs

    I was wondering how Elijah will be able to add Akkermansia to his biome, when it’s currently at 0% and he is not taking an Akkermansia probiotic?

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Hi Andy

      I sure hope so 😉 !! (me too, if you see my ubiome results, on near the last slide of the PaleoFX conference).

      Verrucomicrobiales contains Akkermansia so we should see this enlarge and expand concurrently with Akkermansia abundance in the stools. Eli’s is apparently below the uBiome detection < .0001% but it is likely to be there, somewhere.

      No probiotic for Akk yet but I'm aware that there are people working on it. In the meantime, Akk can be grown by good diet which supports healthy, thick mucus layers and decreasing the starch-eating populations (NO RAW STARCHES) by consuming high plant fiber and prebiotics. Case 'B' is a wonderful example which regrew from 0% to 1.17% in only a few months.

      Also Dr Cani's research further explores ways to raise Akkermansia with oligosaccharide prebiotics such as Bimuno's GOS.

      • Andy Mobbs

        I see thanks Grace! Does Raw Starch in this case include nuts, i.e RS1?

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

          The amount in nuts is so small. Only tigernuts have significant RS2 (i think that is what you’re thinking) but whole foods/whole nuts contain a plethora of different, diverse fiber, not just RS2 (compared to straight up raw, isolated, ‘refined’ packaged starches which your ancestors would never encounter).

          RS1 is the kind in the outer layer and skin of grains, tubers, seeds and legumes, whole grain pasta, products, etc. RS1 is great and supports the gut like plant cellulose

      • edward belschner

        So how do we know that because your OUT put (POOP) level is low your internal level is low of akkermansia???? , Ive had high levels 13% and its lowered each time I test ,3 years ago(13%) today less then 1% yet now my symptoms of gluten intolerance and crohns are gone.. NICE to see you activated the site 🙂 wouldnt real results be inside the gut , not exit POOP

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

          Thanks Eddie~ Yes we don’t know and it would be quite nice to see all the populations: stool, luminal and mucosal. Please send me a urine OAT — let’s see what is leaking v not leaking 😉 Good comments!

          • edward belschner

            no problem…you know ME Im happy to supply it… Not really sure all these tests are accurate–As I say foods can resemble bacterias or yeasts in testing.. I still say a pill sampling camera would be more accurate(sampling bacteria levels on the way down your gut). But im happy to keep doing them and show you. As I ve said , no more crohns coltits or gluten intolerance What ever my levels are I dont have any issues

  • Sidney

    What is your opinion on high maize resistant starch? Also, if raw potato starch is added to hot oatmeal, in essence cooking it, is it ok to consume?

  • edward belschner

    Can we see some posts on before and after of blood work, CRP CBC sed rate . etc etc Metabolic panels , cholesterol , A1C etc that would be interesting ……

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