‘Gut Bugs’ Can Add Inches To Your Waistline

Trying to combat bulge and a widening waist? Getting ready for bikinis and beach time?

Adding in bionic fiber can help you achieve your tummy goals!  Your ‘bad’ gut flora may be adding poundage to your belly and thighs by causing inflammation and leakage of toxic bacteria into the bloodstream. These raise blood sugars and create a cascade of hormone problems that lead to fat accumulating in the abdomen, liver and other organs.  This inflammation can also lead to dangerous conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, and cancer.

By feeding the ‘good’ flora with special fiber found in complex plants and roots, they will ‘crowd’ out and reduce the bad bugs which cause belly fat and inflammation. Taking soil probiotics makes this selection happen faster.  When our gut is happy and harmonious, fat loss happens effortlessly. Satiety increases and prevents binge eating.

One special group of fiber known as inulin and oligosaccharides are what keep babies from coming down with colds and infections. They tighten the gut and prevent dangerous leakage and inflammation. Oligosaccharides and inulin not only prevent weight gain, but also powerfully induce fat loss.

Inulin, FOS, Oligosaccharides = BIONIC FIBER
Credit: Harry Flint et al, Nature, 2012.

Dr. Grace’s Bionic Fiber for Your Gut: Step #4

This is Step #4 of the 7 Steps for optimal gut health, leanness and longevity

  • VERSION A: Inulin-FOS 1-2 TBS + Psyllium (if not allergic) 1 TBS + high ORAC green powder (I like Amazing Grass, LOL) in 2 cups water
  • VERSION B [Fat-Blaster]:  Inulin-FOS 1-2 TBS + Acacia Gum 1 TBS + high ORAC green powder in 2 cups water
  • VERSION C [Amped Up Bionic Fiber For Fat Burning]:  INULIN-FOS 1 TBS + ACACIA FIBER 1 TBS + Psyllium (if not allergic) 1 TBS  + high ORAC green powder (I like Amazing Grass or Raw Reserve) in 2 cups of plenty water

Optional, add 1 tsp of one or several of below (rotate for variety and diversity):

  • Pectin
  • Modified Citrus Pectin
  • Chorella
  • Arabinogalactan
  • Glucomannan (MAX: 1/4 to 1/2 tsp with 2 cups water)
  • Oat Bran (Trader Joe’s; Bob’s Red Mill)
  • GOS (UK Bimuno, contains dairy)
  • FOS-rich Organic Yacon Syrup
  • Fresh, Ground Flaxseed
  • Baobab Hadza Fruit fiber
  • Green Banana or Plantain Flour (MAX: 1/4 teaspoon)


  • Geurts et al 2013
  • Fiber That Burns Fat
  • Inulin-FOS
  • GOS, XOS
  • Psyllium (AX)
  • Chitin (Insects, Mushrooms)

Resistant Starch Type III: Cooked-Crystallized Starch

The best, ancestral resistant starch for long-term health, leanness and modern, disruptive lifestyles is RS3, cooked-cooled resistant starch. The crystals that form upon cooling make up a dense, DNA-like configuration that our gut flora love. They have adored and have specialized preference for RS3 for millions of years since our hominid ancestors discovered FIRE and routine cooking skills. In epidemiological studies, RS3 in ancestrally prepared food protects against diabetes, inflammation, diseases of aging and colorectal cancer.

Read more about the legumes, roasted heirloom tubers and gluten-free grains that are rich in RS3. A broad spectrum of fiber produces the best diversity and robustness in our gut flora populations:

Whole Real Food

100g = ~ ½ cup

Inulin-Oligosaccharide Content

RS3 Content
Chicory root
Jerusalem artichoke
Dandelion greens
Onion (raw)
Yacon syrup, 2 TBS
Garlic (raw)
Cowpea, White Lupin
Lentils, Chickpeas, Hummus
Pinto Beans (cooked/cooled)
Purple Potato (roasted/cooled)
Yams (boiled/cooled)
Potato (boiled/cooled)
Rice (cooked/cooled)
Long grain Rice (cooked/cool)
Sushi Rice (cooked/cool)



  • Sarah Hunt

    Hi Grace,

    I have tried your bionic fiber in the past in attempts to lean out, but have always been confronted with reactive heartburn. It’s never terrible, but it made me think that perhaps I was feeding the wrong bacteria and should stop the therapy. Is this true? Or should I just keep going and patiently wait for my microbiome to rebalance? I would love your thoughts. Thanks!


    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Hey Sarah

      Reactive heartburn is one of the signs of bad flora in the uppergut/stomach area, and yes, these can feed on anything sometimes dep on the altered composition — fiber, vegetables, starches, etc.

      What helps to remove and shift these is probiotics. What probiotics have you considered or tried already?

      The ones listed here work the best! See Step #3


      Personally I see the most results with ones containing the below:
      Bifidobacteria longum
      Prescript assist
      Bacillus coagulans
      Bacillus laterosporus

      Please let me know what works best for you.

      • Sarah Hunt

        Hi Grace,

        Thanks for replying. So what you’re saying is that I should focus on probiotics before trying the fiber (a phased approach)? I have started drinking homemade kefir, so I’m hoping this should help. I would just love the opportunity to experiment with the fiber without worsening dysbiosis, and I’m not sure I understand when it is appropriate to start.


        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


          Kefir is awesome however it may not replenish all that is missing. What I frequently see is missing soil probiotics and bifidobacteria which is found mainly either from (1) healthy mom’s (2) soil. Kefir doesn’t have much bifido.

          Fiber can be typically added after the probiotics have properly seeded which may take 2-4 wks depending on the person and the burden of pathogenic flora. Have you done any testing or ubiome?


          • Josh Finlay

            So what is the best source of bifidobacteria?

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

            Hey Josh

            Anything with a predominance of B. longum and B bifidum!

            Avoid B animalis and B adolescentis because these are already high in most ppl (if they even have bifido recorded). These are the starch degraders and do not have the immunomodulatory benefits as B longum/bifidum.

          • Josh Finlay

            Thanks for the reply, Grace.

            I had a doctors data CSAPx3 which found no bifido species! I have been taking biokult and have just ordered pro probiotics bb356 on your and Matt’s recommendation. I suspect my absence of bifido is why I have a hard time eating starch.

            One more quick question: are you a proponent of a high fat diet? If not, what % macros? Any opinion of the hypothesis that high sat fat depletes gut flora?

            Thanks again

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


            The good bifido like B longum and B bifidum do not have the ability to breakdown starches. These prefer non-starchy fiber sources like the fibers in whole beans, lentils, brown rice, whole oats, yams, roots (sunchokes, dandelion, daikon, etc) and green veggies.

            It’s quite an epidemic – -the missing B longums — yikes! Which contributes to diseases, fatty liver, fast fat gain, mental issues, depression, addictions, cancer, blah blah

            Many things deplete gut flora — the best diet is one that is ancestral for ones genotype and one that meets the person’s health goals (longevity, hotness, hormone balance, athletic performance).

            Yes Matt and I love BB536. If you do a uBiome, it will parse out the bifido spectrum if they are abundant enough. Many clients, Matt and I all have boosted bifido very easily with probiotics, cooked complex carbs, and proper diet/fiber/prebiotics (AVOIDING ALL RAW RS2 STARCHES WHICH LOWER GUT GUARDIANS).

            Pls send over if you get one!

          • Josh Finlay

            Wow, what a great reply. I love your generosity with your time and knowledge, Grace.

            Would you recommend the 23 and me to determine ones genotype and ideal diet?

            It’s interesting what you said about the RS2 loweing gut guardians- i certainly seemed to suffer when I tried to incorporate potato starch and when I tried eating tiger nuts.

            I have been scared off of the starches from the GAPS and SCD approach but I guess I could give it ago. My main worry is that I don’t have the bacteria in there in the first place to feed. There is only one way to find out though: I will pull the trigger on the Ubiome kit then and see what it tells me. I’ll certainly send the results over to you and get a second (and much appreciated) opinion.

          • Josh Finlay

            Wow, what a great reply. I love your generosity with your time and knowledge, Grace.

            Would you recommend the 23 and me to determine ones genotype and ideal diet?

            It’s interesting what you said about the RS2 loweing gut guardians- i certainly seemed to suffer when I tried to incorporate potato starch and when I tried eating tiger nuts.

            I have been scared off of the starches from the GAPS and SCD approach but I guess I could give it ago. But I do eat an obscene amount of green veg, onions, leeks etc and all they seem to do is give me gas (the quite clear-a-room type rather that the loud-and-proud benign kind).

            My main worry is that I don’t have the bacteria in there in the first place to feed. There is only one way to find out though: I will pull the trigger on the Ubiome kit then and see what it tells me. I’ll certainly send the results over to you and get a second (and much appreciated) opinion.

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

            23andme is awesome. I highly recommend it.

            Yes Rs2 is sucky ahah. Silent, deadly and will make you totally fat, stupid and gut compromised.

            Cooked organic tigernuts is awesome however! It powered the Egyptians.

          • Josh Finlay

            Ok, Grace, 23andme ordered – I will post back when results are in

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


            Sorry to hear that… join the epidemic. Try a uBiome and see what the Akkermansia and keystone species Faecalibacterium and Roseburia are?

            Are you on Prescript Assist? This rebuilds good Bacteroides and Bacillus subtilis which helps ferment complex fiber, starches and gluten/casein as well as has antifungal activity.

            High sat fat diets have a place however since most guts have impaired lipases (fat-cutting enzymes) and trypsin/gastric acid, it is actually easier to heal the gut on a slightly moderate rather than high fat diet I have found.

            Macros don’t make sense when you’re trying to heal the gut — it may have to be VLC and ketotic diet for some (severe colitis/IBD). OTOH for others who have impaired HPAT axis problems, then moderation and PHD works better and achieves results faster.

          • Josh Finlay

            Yes, I think I have determined that PHD works better for my gut. Counterintuitively, my post-prandial blood sugars rocket when I am on a low carb high fat diet for too long. I honestly think this is because of a shift in gut population. However, I do not do well with starches. Safe carbs tend to be simple carbs like ripe bananas, berries, dextrose, navy beans that are digestive in the small intestine.

            Ubiome has also been ordered – I will post back when results are in. In the meantime I have a prelimenery consultation/interview with Taymount FMT Clinic next week to assess options.

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

            LCHF doesn’t mean low fiber, but sadly that has been how it has been translated. Also many who have ancestry from the equator regions around the world and Fertile Crescent can tolerate many starches including grains. Therefore their gut flora likely ‘need’ these for optimal functioning.

            Once a gut is broken however it takes time to shift these oligosaccharide and starch eaters into balance and harmony again. Most ppl lose the oligo-eating ones ‘forever’. Luckily we have many of these in soil and traditional probiotics. Gardening and exposures to produce from organic farms is more ideal.

            I use a lot of digestive enzymes and HCl in compromised guts until they can pick up endogenous secretion. It is like outsourcing until production is up to speed.

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

            See Step #3


            Many sources and brands available!

      • James D

        I’ve also had increased heartburn within a few minutes of taking inulin or bimuno gos no matter how small of an amount that I take.

        I tried prescript assist on its own and had the same problem with heartburn shortly after taking it. Would this be because of the leonardite or something else?

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

          Hey James

          Sounds like significant dysbiosis. Consider a consult with an integrative medicine provider soon.

          • James D

            Thanks for the reply Grace.

            Unfortunately there aren’t many integrative medicine providers where I’m from and limited access to testing although I’ve managed to get a few( ubiome, PEG test, indicans test and 24 hour toxic metal screen)

            Do you provide online/phone consultations?

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

            That’s wonderful! Yes contact is at the top tab

  • Lucas

    Hi Grace!

    So I am a long time sufferer of a lot of GI distress (bloating/Diarrhea mild stomach pain) and both facial and body acne. Doing an autoimmune paleo, low fodmad, and scd combined diet definitely manage my symptoms but I’m still very sick. I have been on this strict diet for nearly 2 years! So I know my gut health is not doing so well. About a year ago I tested positive for sibo. I have been on Rifaximen 3 times and antimicrobial treatments including neem, oregano oil, Alimed, and Berberine for so many cycles I lost count! I still suffer from GI distress and my skin issues are still there. This has been such a depressing and exhausting illness that I barely feel human anymore!

    Currently I just finished up your skincare protocol of Berberine, Neem and Grape seed oil for the second time back to back. When I attempt to use Inulin Acacia and rs3 I get sick and breakout. I know you say that you should avoid Inulin/RS3 if you have autoimmune/overgrowth.

    Do you have any recommendations so I can finally stop managing my symptoms and actually move on with my life? I’ll be honest. The main GI stool test from genova I really can’t afford. I’m not sure if ubiome is worth it, not to mention I already know my gut health is in shambles so my result will come back poor.

    Right now I’m on Chris Kresser/ your’s protocol. Every 5 days I add 1/32 of a tsp of Acacia to slowly build myself up and minimize gi distress. I also take prescript assist and a probiotic from Klaire labs lactoprime as well as S boulardi.

    I would be so grateful for any of your input. I just want to start building my gut health up so I can finally flourish again rather then just trying to survive! No

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      Thanks for your comment and very sorry to hear about your gut. Weeding is actually very dangerous unless you are on plenty of PROBIOTICS which protect the baby and seedling native gut flora. LactoPrime and Prescript Assist are wonderful. The uBiome and GDX testing help to evaluate if you are maintaining and seeding/feeding the ancestral core microbiota. Intolerance of fodmaps or starches is a sign of broken villi in the gut where the disaccharidases and other carb enzymes are located.

      Are you rebuilding the gut lining? Is Bifidobacteria longum a key species present in your gut? What strategies are you doing to rebuild the lining eg the 7 steps?
      –adrenal support and stress reduction, exercise, GI and liver support?
      –parasite/protozoa evaluation?

      • Lucas

        Thank you so so much for responding. I am so grateful for your help!
        So I was taking the liver detox from NOW you recommended but then stopped after I completed a month of it. The only probiotics I take right now are the lactoprime and Prescript assist.

        I was tested for parasites with a standard stool test from my Physician but it came back negative. Ideally I would get more comprehensive testing but I’m honestly so tight on money. I’ve already spent all the money I can working with ND’s in the past.

        For rebuilding my gut lining I take 6 tablespoons of powdered gelatin daily

        I do step 1- Sauerkraut
        I do not do step 2 because I don’t believe I can
        I do do step 3.
        I do Step 4, very slowly and very little with the acacia gum unless you think a different type of fiber would be best.
        I do step 5
        I do step 6
        And Step 7 I take Rohdiola Rosea

        If you have any other suggestions I would be incredibly grateful for your help.

        Thanks so much!

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

          Gelatin is wonderful! Sometimes acacia grows things (I don’t know what) but it is the fiber of choice for IBS or metabolic syndrome. Maybe problematic if a ton of things are growing such as seen in autoimmunity or IBD. Rhodiola is awesome. How are vegetables, starches and fodmaps? Which raw vegetables are tolerable?

          • Lucas

            I tolerate all low fodmap veggies well enough. Starches definitely seem to trigger me. B I attempted some white rice and it wasn’t very pleasant. But on the flip side, sometimes if I just say “the hell with it” which was maybe twice in the last 6 months my gi was great but I’d then breakout and it would linger for a bit. My plan was to weed as much as possible, then seed and build up my stomach back up with the 7 steps, probiotics/prebiotics and my stomach lining with marshmallow root, msm, slippery elm and L Glutamine. At this point with all the rounds of microbials and antibiotics I’d be shocked if anything was still alive in my gut! Should I not do the acacia? Should I try inulin? Or any of the fibers you list as optional?

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


            Your story is so common in this day and age. Sorry to hear about the potato starch fiasco which again is so common — either the damage is silent/deadly or obvious/deadly. I observe this in guts of elite athletes, previously fat ppl and brilliant QSers like Sprague who ruined his gut with a few months of potato starch.


            You’ve probably done the same thing — lost all the good beneficial protectors and gained a # bad flora implicated in gut dysbiosis such as neurotoxin and alcohol secreting Clostridium and adhesive E coli which eat sugar and superfeed on raw starches.

            Therefore, you cannot go wrong by rebuilding the gut with good probiotics to replace what is lost including contact with organic farms and gardens 🙂 Keep up the strong work and so glad you find the blog helpful. If you get gut testing done, please don’t hesitate to forward to me. Would love to see what you find soon.

  • karen sheean

    Hi Grace,

    What are your thoughts on elevated beta-glucuronidase? Both my kids have this per GI Effects results. I was thinking that your bionic fiber and probiotics would help. Testing showed no parasites or yeast for both. Son has elevated butyrate, and both have high fecal fats (phospholipids). Would it be enough to address with probiotics, fiber and diet? Any need to go low FODMAP in the beginning…that issue confuses me as that’s what’s needed to feed and reestablish the good guys. Sorry, so many questions, maybe I can consult with you:)!

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      The 7 steps helps to shift the normal gut flora IN and the toxic flora OUT, particularly the ones that are histamine-, lactate- and BG-producing ones.

      It is super common to have high butyrate producers as these are all the ones that ferment sugar, cooked and raw starches. The 7 steps and oligo-saccharide based fiber and prebiotics (avoiding all raw starches RS2) helps the gut to return to an ancestrally balanced template.

      I’m sorry to hear about your kids. How is the acetate on the GI Effects? Boosting Akkermansia (see prior posts) helps to fix acetate and control gut pathogens and yeasts/fungi. GI Effects won’t tell you about the yeasts — but they are present if dysbiosis is occurring.

      • karen

        Yep, acetate is super low as is akkermansia – we will follow your steps to increase! Lacto was also low for both kids and read somewhere that candida can suppress colonization of lacto after antibiotics (they’ve had two courses, guess that was enough to get where we are now). Since I should assume that there is a yeast/fungi issue, would some botanical weeding be beneficial? I don’t want to unnecessarily do damage to the good guys if it’s at all possible to try to rebalance using probiotics, prebiotics, fiber and diet (luckily, neither of my kids react to FODMAPS). We are working with our pediatrician on this as well but so far, he’s only recommended L. acidopholis and know there is more that we can do!

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

          I’d concur — if there antibiotics, then yes Dr Karen yeasts/fungi are a major issue. Expanding probiotics and fermented roots/veggies can be super antifungal.

          • Keith Bell

            Beta-glucuronidase is known to recycle/raise estrogen which raises glycogen to feed yeast, hence infection associated with menstruation. Which bugs are the main culprits? I’d suspect clostridium and/or E. coli overgrowth.

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

            Keith~ Yes they are a triple threat: candida, clostridium and the COLI ahah

          • Aaron K

            It seems like Calcium D Glucarate might help with the beta-gluc

        • Matt

          Pardon me for jumping in, but I just remembered that when I first learned about B. longum I got excited because it can produce acetate which seems to be something that differentiates it from many of the probiotic supplements which notably produce lactate…

          “Bifidobacteria can protect from enteropathogenic infection through production of acetate:”


          • karen


            Appreciate the link! I’ve started supplementing with a fiber blend and probiotics – one has a high count of b. Longum. Working on diet too (but hard with kids to get them to eat lots of prebiotics – maybe their tastes will change as their profiles change) Still on the fence about weeding with botanicals – are you planning on doing any?

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


            B longum is the most powerful gut guardian. Don’t compromise it.

  • darlingjojo

    Just wanted to let you know the fibers are still working great for my weight loss project. I also threw in David Asprey’s MCT oil more frequently during the day to help me create more ketones and kick the need for sugar. I did cook up the white rice/water/and a tablespoon of coconut oil together last night and chilled it the required 12 hours to get the resistant starch to form. A few tablespoons of that rice in the morning and a couple other little things along with a prayer and I was able to resist sugar all day today! I even am drinking my decaf without sugar. I am trying to get my tongue used to not tasting sweet. Since yesterday I lost 1.4 pounds. Fiber is great and I really love taking Bifido GI balance and B. infantis (found in Align). Thank you so much for the great podcasts and all the brainiacle things you say and experiment with.

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Wow — I love your spectacular experiment!! Was the rice/coconut combo delish too? I love MCT oil. Christopher (the app programmer) is a big fan as well and it helps his cycling workouts and fat adaptation.

      Sounds like your gut is shifting very well! Keep up the strong work!

  • JuanK


    Someone who wants to balance his gut, how much bionic fiber has to consume in a day?, the insulin+ green bananas+ amazing green its just in the morning ?, i know its along with the other steps.

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      Each gut is different and most can tolerate the full dosage in the beginning. If not, then some deeper problems exist and missing good microbes. Start low and go slow in this case.

      Would love to hear your results soon!

      • JuanK

        I understand, but the full dosage its just 1 time in the morning right?

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

          What is your current diet like? Grams total daily fiber?

          For me and many others, twice daily actually is much more effective for fat loss. If your diet is excellent and high in fiber > 35 grams/day, then I think once daily is fantastic. It would emulate the diversity and fiber spectrum found in ancestral diets.

  • Kcpiece

    Dr. Grace,
    I recently got my results back from uBiome and it shows that I have nearly no “Bacteroidetes”. The other thing was that I have is extremely high “Firmicutes”. Firmicutes are at 80% and Bacteroidetes are at 2%. Could this be the reason why I have bloating issues? How can I increase my Bacteroidetes count? Thank you

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      That is too bad! Bacteroidetes deficiency is kinda like money. Sucks if you’re gut is poor in it but can reverse with some diligence, attention to why its missing and sources for rejuvenation (gardens, soil, soil probiotics, complex plant fiber like oligosaccharides). I like to see Bacteroidetes 10-fold higher like 20%.

      Firmicutes that are involved in bloating are typically the sugar and starch/RS2 eating ones. Avoid.

      Please let me know what works for you soon!

  • Matt

    Hi Dr Grace,
    Can this fiber plan help me get rid of an overgrowth(?) of Campylobacter? I’ve had one AmericanGut sample, and two uBiome samples and each has shown a fair amount of Campylobacter. One of the uBiomes shows 12.5%(!). I started taking Acacia Senegal last month and it seems to be helping my regularity… Though it’s still not great, any improvement is nice. I would say I’ve been usually 80% Paleo for several years.

    I have a fair amount of good bacteria going – even some bifidos, but even on the sample where the Campylobacter is low (0.22%), I have another Proteo that’s way up (Pectobacter=2%).

    I’m very fructose intolerant (stops me up, gives me blazing heart burn), BTW…

    Thoughts on the next direction? It’s rather tempting to try the nuclear option – antibiotics. I haven’t used an antibiotic in 20 years, and given the potential downsides, I’m reluctant.


    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      What other parts of 7 Steps have helped? Exercise? Probiotics? etc?

      Acacia alone is unlikely to shift a significant Proteo ‘bloom’ 😉

      FODMAP intolerance and heart burn are enormous screaming signs of major dysbiosis and missing symbionts like bifido longum, Akkermansia, soil probiotics and etc

      • Matt

        Hi Dr Grace..

        Thanks very much for responding to my question.

        I’ve tried most of what’s on your list but currently have a few holes.

        Will send you a PM unless you think the blow-by-blow would be better here.


        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

          I’ll reply but for blow-by-blow, what was your ubiome Akkermansia and Bifidobacteria longum (compared with B. animalis and B adolescentis)? These are the keystone that alters the balance for nearly the entire gut. I bet the gut suck for these

          • Matt

            Thanks again..

            Yes.. Looks like the gut sucks for these.. And nature abhors a vacuum so less favorable players have invaded…

            I also think there might be something funny about my samples.. Two years ago I had quite a bit of Akkermansia and today it’s basically missing. I suspect it’s related to the mechanical aspect of sampling when Bristol 1-2… The June sample might/should be better.

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


            Thanks for the gorgeous chart! What did you do differently? How did you drop half the species/orders going from Apr to May (I saw your ubiome — thx)??

            Whenever B adolescentis or animalis dominant bifido, that spells GUT DYSBIOSIS whether it is silent or obvious. These are not the preferred bifido handed down from Momma (if mom is disease-free).

            If you don’t mind how about blow-by-blow also post the ancestral core from the 3 time points
            –Roseburia (goal 5-10%)
            –Faecalibacterium (goal 10-30%)
            –Methanobrevibacter (implicated in IBS-constipation) (goal < 0.3%)

          • Matt

            Hi Dr. Grace,

            I have no idea what I did to change the profile so much from April to May.. I wish I knew. 🙂

            It sounds favorable that B. adolescentis / animalis aren’t dominating.

            I don’t have any methanobrevibacter. In fact nothing from the parent phylum or even kingdom. Doing a bit of reading on the methanogens, the one you mentioned has been studied a fair amount. What’s interesting to me about that one is that it seems to be positively correlated with obesity and with anorexia (but known if uBiome detects and reports that type? Anyone else see it in their report? Since I seem to have trouble with fructose, it would be cool if there were a tool that allowed you to look up bacteria by metabolic capability, ie, I want to identify the critters that convert fructose to methane…

            Anyway, below are the values for Roseburia and Faecalibacterium…

            Thanks again for providing your analysis to me and to the forum.

          • Matt

            Corrected graphic (table)

          • Matt

            Hi Dr. Grace,

            I have no idea what I did to change the profile so much from April to May.. I wish I knew. 🙂

            It sounds favorable that B. adolescentis / animalis aren’t dominating.

            I don’t have any methanobrevibacter. In fact nothing from the parent phylum or even kingdom. Doing a bit of reading on the methanogens, the one you mentioned has been studied a fair amount. What’s interesting to me about that one is that it seems to be positively correlated with obesity and with anorexia (but not normal weight). Is it known if uBiome detects and reports that type? Anyone else see it in their report? Since I seem to have trouble with fructose, it would be cool if there were a tool that allowed you to look up bacteria by metabolic capability, ie, I want to identify the critters that convert fructose to methane…

            Anyway, below are the values for Roseburia and Faecalibacterium…

            Thanks again for providing your analysis to me and to the forum.

            PS.. I had a typo in the table before and couldn’t figure out how to delete just the graphic, so I deleted the whole reply and started over.

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  • Travis

    Hi Dr. Grace,
    What is your opinion of coconut flour as a prebiotic? I noticed that it has a lot of fiber and was wondering if supplementing it into my diet would help my gut flora. Thank you for you time.

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      I know several people who love it! If there is a cross nut allergy, it’s not acceptable however. So for those on the initial 7 Steps (no nuts, no eggwhite, no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no corn) — coconut is best avoided in the beginning.

  • JuanK

    Hi, each time i read here i learn something new! 🙂

    I want to know how to prepare foods showed in thr steps 2 and 4(rs2 and rs3). Like tubers and rice, i want tips, details on how prepared them right.

    Thanks a lot!

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Hey Juan

      I only recommend RS3 and RS5 (RS2 harms the gut by lowering all the ancestral lean microbiota which are compromised already).

      RS3 = cooked, cooled/reheated
      RS5 = cooked with oil, cooled/reheated

      Cook as normal per recipes. Store in fridge overnight or minimum one day. Chinese like to eat their foods warm therefore I always reheat the food on the stove or steam it. It loses some RS but not much actually.

      If you have salad with the meal with dressing (vinegar) or kraut/kim chee, then you will increase the natural resistant starch content because the acidity of the food further preserves the carbs as ‘fiber’ instead of ‘digestible carbs’ in the stomach and small intestines.
      –my favorites are 5 bean salad, brown rice + Chinese food + salad (fusion), hot soup with thrown in cold lentils/beans/grains (whatever is in fridge), soup with whole potato (reheated)

      Let me know how your results are. I’d love to hear of what you learn soon.

  • Sam

    Hi Grace. I’m wondering if you know what prebiotics are in Cashews? Every time I eat them my tongue coating goes down and other people have had similar experiences. Is it the resistant starch? The ones I got didn’t say roasted but also didn’t say raw. Thanks. Also thank you so much for your work!

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      That’s interesting — wonder why? the RS is not high in cashews but it is one of the highest carb nuts.

      Cashews like other seeds do however have OLIGOSACCHARIDE prebiotics which feed B longum and other ancestral microbiota that guard the gut lining and have anti-pathogenic properties to fight candida and other overgrowths. Roasting cashews is likely to be more nutritious for various reasons: deactivating lectins and anti-nutrients. The oligosaccharides will stay intact or even become higher with heat treatment (cooking).


      What do you think the tongue coating is related to, thrush and fungal overgrowths?

      • Sam

        Thanks Grace. Yes I think I have a fungal overgrowth and it’s very stubborn. I read your comment about acetate production being crucial for controlling yeast. Here is a study where acacia gum decreased acetate production substantially and I was wondering what your thoughts were.


        I’ve been using prescription assist, the high bifido version by renew life, acacia gum, inulin and psyllium husk without much results and thought the acacia gum might be, at least in part, why. Thanks!

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


          As you know, there are many tools to help yeast overgrowths. Acetate can also be high in some clinical cases (not often) particularly in obese, metabolic disorders where butyrate is also high.

          From your challenges, it sounds like your gut is dealing with not just fungal but some opportunistic bacterial overgrowths which are affecting the pancreatic digestive enzymes, motility/MMC and gastic acidity.

  • aqdrk

    Hey Dr. G, I have a question – I get no reaction at all from even 3TBS Acacia Gum (Heather’s Tummy Care & No-name bulk brand from Amazon), but I get reaction from Inulin. Also, I am regular on the Bionic shakes (Version B + Flax seed), but with very soft consistency. So far, I’ve been drinking Amazing grass alone for 2 months, and now the Version B shake + flax seed for one straight month, but noticed no effects other than weight gain (6kg in 1 month) + very noticeable worsening of my flat warts problem. Blood sugar, skin, tongue coating, tonsils stones, brain fog, lower back pain and swollen tongue in the morning – it’s all unchanged. Should I try probiotics? (BioKult, Elixa, SBOs…)? I am already drinking 500ml Kefir every day + lots of fermented foods. Unfortunately, I live in Europe, so Gut testing is inaccessible to me, because of the high cost.

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Hi Aqdrk

      Have you done gut testing — do you know what symbionts are missing?

      Yes inulin-FOS are FODMAPs and certain flora will ‘thrive/flare’ with it (eg Klebsiella).

      Are you FODMAP intolerant (wheat, fructose/sugar, fruit, onions, garlic)?

      Probiotics are the cornerstone of the 7 Steps and often help fix FODMAP intolerances. What I use a lot are Bifido Max by RENEW. This is what helped me to regrow the bifido on my uBiome phylogenetic tree


      • aqdrk

        Thank you! No, Gut testing is pretty inaccessible in my country, the cost to send the samples back to the US is almost as high as the kit itself, and GI Effects in the UK costs almost 2 monthly salaries (and I have to pay a licensed practitioner first). So I have to do the guesswork by myself…

        I am FODMAP intolerant for sure, for almost 3 years now (previously everything was fine). I can’t tolerate garlic, onion, avocados, bananas (green or ripe), etc.
        I used to have SIBO (confirmed), but thankfully 10.000 steps a day pretty much fixed that.

        My SIBO began at the same time with some neurological symptoms (benign fasculation syndrome, non-acid reflux) and pretty pungent, stale morning smell in my bedroom (I guess low-grade tonsil infection, but doctors always say that’s normal, tonsil stones are normal, tonsils are first line of defense, yada-yada-yada… now take this antibiotic X…)

        I begin to wonder if yeast is the main culprit – I always get the worst morning symptoms from beer and mushrooms…

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

          Hi aqdrk

          Glad to hear 10,000 steps fixed the MMC and motility patterns.

          I concur, wish the testing were not out of reach for most people. The costs in the USA have reduced considerably however.

  • Looks solid- how’s the flavor on these recipes? Do you have any suggestions for thing that can be added for flavor without making it less healthy?

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Hi John

      I love the flavor of the different versions of Amazing grass and their raw reserve! Try low carb fruit extracts or mix into a berry smoothie. Let me know what works. The polyphenols in fruit extracts such as those found in AG and RR help rebuild and fortify the mucus lining.

  • karen

    Would the small amount of potato starch in a probiotic capsule potentially cause any issues (my husband bought a brand that has potato starch and acacia in it).

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      It’s not ideal but PS doesn’t feed the probiotics in 99% of cases of the gut guardian type probiotics. OTC manufacturers use it as a cheap filler and insulater. Inulin-FOS work excellently too but as you can imagine the expenses are a lot more than mass produced non-organic starch.

      Nature’s plants use both inulin-FOS and starches to fortify their plant tissues, seeds (reproductive organs), stems/leaves. I think it was quite amazing how evolution produced cooked versions of inulin-FOS and starches (as RS3) which are the super fuels for the new evolved microbiota of big-brained Homo sapiens.

  • JuanK

    Hi again, whats the difference taking sbo probiotics(prescript assist) vs bifido max? Taking it with bionic fiber of course.

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Hi JuanK

      Prescript Assist has 29 strains at low dosage which mimic food and ancestral exposures IMO. Bifido max is super high dosage of only bifidobacterium strains which are super safe, effective and found in human babies and healthy adult guts.

  • William

    Hi Grace
    For someone with Ankylosing Spondylitis and therefore wanting to get the klebsiella down as much as possible, could I please ask your advice re the following:
    Would the soil based probiotics along with RS3 be a good strategy?
    In relation to the above – I’ve read a number of your blog posts where you mention avoiding digestible starches for AS/klebs, so should I therefore be eliminating things like sweet potatoes (no RS) and freshly cooked potatoes and rice?
    What would you recommend for a bionic fibre mix substitute if inulin feeds klebsiella?

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      How do you know you have Kleb? Which testing have you completed? Thanks for your comment!

      1. Of course! SBOs are antipathogenic and help break biofilms which fortify and protect pathogens and yeasts. RS3, digestible starches, certain prebiotics and raw RS2 starches however are likely to feed Klebsiella. This is why the ‘no bread and no starch’ approaches work so well for so many autoimmune, autism and obesity/MetSyn clinical cases. These are all cases of Kleb overgrowths.

      2. See #1

      3. The best is antipathogenic probiotics to reseed the broken gut terrain and fiber that selectively feeds Bifido/SBOs and avoid feeding Kleb the first 2-4wks of gut rehab whilst removing Kleb. Consider a prebiotic such as arabinogalactan which appears to not feed Kleb that I am aware of, but you will need to test and see.

      Would love to hear what works for you soon!

      • William

        Hi Dr Grace
        Many thanks for the reply.
        With regard to klebs, I guess I’ve always taken for granted that it was given in someone with AS, but may not be the case at all then.
        I’m actually due to get the Genova testing carried out in the next few weeks, and I’d be more than grateful if you’d maybe be willing to cast your eye over the results and give your thoughts.

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


          No. It could also be Enterobacter, Citrobacter, Serratia, E coli, Hafnia, Pseudomonas, Yersnia, Haemophilus, Campylobacter, etc any of these break and disrupt the gut. with AS sometimes there is a particularly genotype HLA B27 but not always.

          Yes I’d love to consult you on it. Shoot me an email soon on the contact tab above

  • aqdrk

    Hi again! I have a question with an answer that eludes me. Why flatulence subsides after few weeks on prebiotics (Inulin, Acacia, etc.). What’s the mechanism behind building such tolerance to ever greater doses?

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Good question aqdrk, I believe the composition of the microbiome shifts and you get an evenness, stability and improved richness. The importance is stability so that with future disturbances, the gut can return to homeostasis. Fiber does this. Diverse fiber feeds the whole ‘food chain’ in the gut from the apex predators to the highly populated lower tier heterotrophs. No level should starve OR be ‘overfed’, right?

      • aqdrk

        Could we speculate that the copious amounts of gas produced in the beginning is by species, who are too overgrown? And they are being slowly replaced by other strains? Or could it be that certain species of bacteria, which feed off gas are multiplying? I am asking, because I became FODMAP-intolerant some 3 years ago, seemingly out if thin air (all of a sudden I was no longer able to eat bananas, avocados, onion, garlic, etc. without major flatulence). The thing is, the same adaptation and tolerance-building is not happening with those foods – I tried with bananas for 3 months with almost no change in gas levels…
        Speaking about homeostasis and disturbances, I can only think of the appendix – could you share your opinion on it’s role? How important is it? Does it change the same way as other parts of the intestines, or it’s a more resilient spot?

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

          What you report happens often in the paleo community sadly if the diet is missing certain prebiotics/fiber such as inulin which is found in > 36,000 plants on Earth. What happens is that most Westerners get most of their 8 g/day of inulin from wheat and wheat products, not green veggies and non-starchy roots.

          You have may have made extinct the fodmap utilizing gut flora with either stress, poor diet, immunizations, drugs, rec drugs, starvation (‘intermittent fasting’ I don’t believe in this for gut health) and/or antibiotics. (or other gut disruption such as potato starch ahah).

          • aqdrk

            Well, I believe my gut was fckrd from early age (very poor diet and broad-spectrum antibiotics, which were/are prescribed like candy in my country)… which led to lots of issues, and ultimately anxiety/depression resulting in SIBO + FODMAP intolerance and even greater stress.
            By the way, starchy vegetables give me the most trouble of all (even cooled), I am bloated and brain-fogged for days after consumption.
            The irony of it all is that the time I was feeling the best was the time I was eating whole-wheat bread by the pound. I went gluten-free years ago, but ultimately I think it did more harm than good (and I sure did notice the positives), because I never replaced the missing carbs/fiber adequately.
            I also think yeast plays a role, too – many tell-tell signs of overgrowth that’s been going on for years (whitish coating on tongue, itching, etc.)

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

            Dr aqdrk, I believe you are correct 😉 in all your clinical gut assessments

            The gut flora are an organ — and has distinct features. Homo sapien evolved eating certain foods which fed this organ well (cooked tubers, roasted roots, stems, leaves, meat meat meat and organs etc). Just like a baby born without a head or nose, it won’t function well, eh? The gut cannot function missing certain flora especially if they are killed off by poor diet, inulin-free diets, low fiber diets, potato starch, antibiotics or stressors.

  • darlingjojo

    HI Dr. Grace,
    Just a quick note. My thyroid took a hit years ago from consuming flax seeds, about a quarter cup a day. I found out the high thiocyanate in flax will block iodine receptors and slow the thyroid down and even stop it. After using flax seed for months my symptoms were headache: dry eyes, skin and hair, constipation (at first the fiber seemed to make for loose stool), tiredness, weight gain, weakness in legs at times, forgetful, swollen thyroid that was painful to touch. I quit using flax seeds after my investigation showed information from Agriculture Department and other journals that flax is not safe for farm animals. This information about flax has been done many decades ago and the warning was given to farmers to not use it for animal feed. So maybe you can recommend a different alternative to the flax for folks out there. My thyroid is great now by the way, I babied for a long time and have reversed the problem.
    Also, if someone is perplexed on their Paleo diet with indigestion try giving up the beloved coconut oil. My daughter was very reactive to it and things calmed down when she gave it up. She does great with butter and lard instead. She even makes her own mayo with animal fat like the French did.

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      darling jojo

      UR AWESOME 😉

      Yes I don’t love flaxseed for a couple of reasons (estrogens) esp high dose 1/4 cup. I’m sorry to hear of your reactions and glad they cleared up. Most flaxseed is unsoaked too so high phytic acid.

      There is a rush for gluten free cassava flour but if not processed and fermented well, the thiocyanate can cause the problems you experienced plus B12 deficiency and anemia.

      I’ve seen a lot of coconut oil cross reactivity with nuts, or just alone. (sometimes with the other beloved Paleo staple, avocados!!)

      Thanks for your comments as always Gorgeous~!!

  • Alison Martinov

    Hi Dr. Grace,

    I’ve scoured over your blog for the past three months. I have mercury toxicity; the lab I used actually had to extend their graph because they’ve never seen anyone such high numbers. I was functional but they told me I should be bed-ridden, although sleeping 14-15 hours a day is kind of bed-ridden isn’t it? So i just completed my stool testing and I have enterobacter cloacae and rhodotorula mucilanginosa. And no growth of clostridium-spp. Do you have any specific recommendations to treat these to pathogenic guys???? Any insight is appreciated! Thank you, you’ve changed the direction of my treatment for the better.

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      That is near bed ridden 😉 You’re too energetic and not quite 24/7 bedridden! Good for you!

      Mercury slows our immunity and breaks the gut in multiple ways. All heavy metals are immunosuppressant therefore if excess, consideration for safe chelation should be a priority while healing the gut. Do you know the source of mercury? Did anything suddenly change 3-6 months prior to the onset of fatigue and brain fog? New vaccination? new water source? Antibiotics? Major mental stressor? Physical stressor (marathon, endurance race, etc)?

      Both E. cloacae and the yeast I see more often than I’d like. These occur when gut symbionts are missing and/or toxin burdens occurr. Yes there are many strategies that improve dysbiosis related to these.

      • Alison Martinov

        Thank you! Honestly I don’t even know when all this happened and what came first. I grew up taking antibiotics. My mom was a nurse and heavy into it. I was the typical case study: a C section baby and into my teenage years I was on tetracycline for acne for several years. I took antibiotics “just in case.” Fortunately into my later teens I turned things around. Around my early 20’s I experienced intense brain fog and fatigue. I always ate a lot of seafood. I only had 3 amalgams and they’ve since been removed. I’m pretty sure it was seafood (I know I’m a bad detoxifier and slow drug metabolizer) – I don’t have MTHFR, but MTRR and CBS (close to yours). I tend to think it was also due to mystery “superfood powders.” I was chasing my tail with doctors for quite some time.

        Fortunately, since last year I’ve figured out that its heavy metals and SIBO and other pathogenic overgrowths. I was doing the elemental diet when I read your blog and decided to stop because I didn’t understand why everyone kept saying sibo is highly recurring. You explained that perfectly 🙂 When I ate trigger foods and had sharp stomach pains, I would consume your bionic fiber and the pain disappeared. Amazing. At this point I’m doing a month of herbals and will retest. I’m currently taking VSL#, Dr. Ohira’s probiotic and Prescript Assist while drinking two bionic drinks a day. Overkill you think? Also, one last question for you! Do you recommend weeding the bugs first AND THEN taking the probiotics/fiber drinks AFTER, or is this okay during?

        Thanks, you’ve been so helpful!

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


          OMG THAT’S LIKE ME. LOL!! Not C section but mom was pharmacist, dad physician, boatloads of antibiotics (several were needed for a third degree burn, and steroids) and tetra/doxy for acne lol. Ate a lot of high fructose corn syrup and had annual flu shots which is a dose of mercury per serving for each… Sorry to hear about your metal woes.

          Yes mystery ‘superfood powders’ can be sourced from China and India and be full of non-mysterious lead and mercury.

          No separating probiotics from botanicals by 2-3 hours is prudent as the botanicals can eradicate bifido and lacto in the small intestines imo. The balance between overkilling with botanicals and repopulating is individual and care is warranted as most people already are missing many or all of the ancestral allies. Those are great probiotics! Would love to see your testing or uBiome later! Consider tracking some vital strains: ancestral core + Christensenella and the ratio of B longum/non-longum (> 1.0 goal). You will see fantastic recovery as these repopulate.

  • button

    Hi Grace, I can’t thank you enough for your work. I’ve just spent the last few days literally devouring every piece of information on here as though it were a piece of pizza circa 2009 before my gut troubles began : ) I’ve experimented in the past with fiber and bought agave inulin which is very difficult for me to tolerate. I also can’t handle high fructose fruit and certain fats. Where did my enterocytes go?! I’ve actually been doing bentonite and psyllium which I haven’t had a problem with and plan to do that for another week or so. After would it just be good enough to do psylium and/or acacia and maybe gos (i just ordered bimuno so I’ll see if i can do that)? plus the high orac powder? Will I still get the benefit? Or does it sound like I need to do a bit more weeding? I have biocidin do you like that? One important note, as far as SBO’s I’ve only been on bacillus coagulans which has helped greatly, but I’ve just ordered prescript assist. My remaining symptoms are basically upper gi-so much better than they were before-but I still burp A LOT-really forceful burps (used to be like 150x a day and now about 30-40). Endoscopy was negative for anything. H Pylori negative. Have had old genova and metametrix test which actually didn’t say a ton. Burping did not stop with one round of rifaximin which I truly regret but did at the beginning of all this. Nutreval said I only had mild dysbiosis. Going to do genova 2.0. Have you ever come across this before? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Hey Button,
      “Where did my enterocytes go”, that’s an excellent question!

      I was on a google hangout with some practitioner friends from Santa Cruz/Monterey and we all wondered the EXACT SAME THING. It’s not funny, isn’t it? So rapidly epidemic autoimmunity, gut dysbiosis, mental illnesses, dia-besity and autism have shot up from out of nowhere. We can’t just blame McDonalds because most of us hardly ate there.

      Yes the Genova CDSA 2.0 has cultures; the older Genova/Metametrix did not (but now do).
      No hearburn, ulcers or gastritis?
      Rifaximin and other antibiotics cause yeast overgrowths because they kill off good SBOs, bifido and lacto which are antifungal. What you are likely dealing with is fungal and bacterial pathogens, and you noted improvements already with BIONIC FIBER because these re-install the good SBOs, bifido, Akkermansia and lactobacilli. [Please avoid any potato starch, as potato starch kills off good bifido, lacto and Akkmansia and subsequently induces GUT DYSBIOSIS lol.]

      I think you will see further improvements with Prescript ASSIST as it helps to remodel Bacteroides which is often dysbiotic (low abundance, low diversity) in sick guts. Also it will help to break down fungal and bacterial toxins in the gut plus mycotoxins, gluten, dairy, etc.

      Did the old Genova and Metametrix show low bifido/lacto? Consider some good bifido/lacto like THORNE Floramend and Renew RTS 50 billion.
      Please update me later on your gut journey!

      • button

        Hi Dr. Grace,

        Thanks for writing back! Yes I used to have really bad heartburn. And I forgot to mention in the endoscopy I did have mild gastritis. The heartburn I got to go away but sometimes it comes back (mostly with oily stuff and high sugar fruit) and yes the burps are bad when that happens! I’ve also always suspected some type of small hiatal hernia that just didn’t show up on the endoscopy so I’m looking for someone here to do visceral manipulation. It’s kind of an old school reasoning for the root of digestive problems. Any thoughts on that? (I’ve had my gall bladder checked and it doesn’t seem to be that fyi but i did not do a hida scan.) I’m literally going to try everything so that I can be normal again…but then again, what is normal?? Seems like it’s having your head in the sand, so that one day you will end up with digestive issues, or even worse, silent digestive issues that doctors will shove all sorts of drugs at!!

        I wanted to say that my dad was also a surgeon (and from another country!!) But thankfully my mom is a total vitamin head. So my mom pumped me with vitamins as a kid and I didn’t get super drugged up. It was later that I took antibiotics-one for this crazy spider bite for about 2 months a long long time ago and then a bunch for dental issues. But if I’m honest, I ate a lot of sugar which also probably f*cked me up. I have stopped eating sugar though, except in kombucha and an odd tiny piece of something. It’s really odd though that this extra 30 lbs I have just does not budge very easily regardless of what I do (i walk 7-10k steps a day), which is really why i want to do the bionic fiber as well!!!! I guess I will have to just try it out and see what works for me, but I’m going to do the biocidin in a few weeks as I also suspect bugaboos too or you think prescript assist will be enough? I also did bifido max by renew life for a few rounds which I think contributed to my lack of heartburn and overall change in the right direction, but I’m going to start up on it again along with the prescript assist. I’m also on a SF722 and an amazing homeopathic product for fungus (which actually made me believe in homeopathic remedies cause my toenail fungus is almost gone) called Aquaflora.

        When I was on rifaximin at least I was also taking nystatin so things didn’t go crazy. Some other fun facts-i have/had rosacea (actually got it to go away?? with dr. ohhira’s soap that has probiotics). I itch under my jaw and by my eyebrows after I eat stuff, trying to figure out histamine intolerance?? Symptoms get worse right before my period. YUG!!!!!!

        2 other things I was wondering your thoughts on, one is WTF with motility!!! Are you familiar with that guy Datis Kharazzian? sp? He’s super into the whole vagus nerve as a root problem for this stuff and tells people how to stimulate it. Do you think motility could be a root issue?? And also, what do you think of that theory that dental stuff could also be contributing to/f*cking up everything (ie leaky and/or infected root canals-i no longer have amalgams fyi and have been tested for heavy metals but I don’t have anything signficant).

        Wow this is long, and verging on wackadoodle!! Thanks for reading it. Also, if you want your theme song that bookends your podcast to be on a continuous loop without the space in between, send it to me and I’ll fix it for you : )



        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

          Hey Button~

          Youre my soul sibling aha lol. Ok I can tell you studied the blog and our parallel lives.

          “I also did bifido max by renew life for a few rounds which I think contributed to my lack of heartburn and overall change in the right direction” ABSOLUTELY! Bifido (and good lacto) are one of the foundational core microbiota. They fix reflux and fungi. I would consider keep trying to seed them. If you are doing testing, then you should see these increase 10 to 100 fold with each testing every 1-3 months.

          Katis is cool — I concur that vagus regulates the whole gut. This is why psycho ppl never get better until they learn to ‘let go’ both theoretically and spiritually. Whatever works. Hypnosis? Manipulation? Chiropractic work? Meditation/prayer/church? Yoga? All work. Did you listen to our podcast with Dr Jonathan Chung DC? HE gives awesome insights.

          The dysbiotic flora cause motility issues — many are deep rooted. Think of decades of richly entrenched yeasts, staph, strep and E coli? For some it takes months to remodel the different parts of the anatomy from the mouth, esophagus, stomach, caecum, appy, liver/gallbladder, SI and colon.

          Good work on the skin and rehab’ing!! Yes I think homeopathy is super powerful — the fungi remedies appear to help certain people. Yes WAPF has several articles on root canals and dental factors for health and gut health. I concur actually because this was the case for me.

          • button

            Dr. Grace,
            I did listen to that podcast with Jonathan Chung…it was great…actually haven’t come across a bad gut guardians podcast yet!
            I just listened to the 2 part with Dr. Tim and loved it and also the one with the British guy who talked a lot about that corn super starch stuff. I had a lot of my bionic fiber questions answered!! Next up, Elijah Markinson (sp?) !!! Every night this week I was literally going to watch Narcos and then bam! I’m taking notes and reading something on here or listening to a podcast. I wonder if I would get an A if I had to take a test hahaha.
            Re-something you said in a podcast about your healing-I’ve noticed the biggest improvement in my health when basically the only starch I consume is yams, and I live right near an Asian market so I get a lot of purple yams, and I really think there is something magical about them. I heard you say you basically do Asian paleo which is what I do, I swear, in another life I must have been Korean or something cause I just can’t get enough of it!! I found a KBBQ place here that actually has organic meat!!! Although I’m pretty fat adapted (i can go a few days without much starch as long as I keep the coconut oil up) I’m grappling with the idea of going VLC for the first few weeks of this new protocol. It can really f*ck with me mentally and sometimes it makes me crash. Do you think it is absolutely necessary? Would I be shooting myself in the foot by not doing it for at least a little while?

            Also, I love what you said about the dysbiotic flora in your response. It’s weird, in so many ways it feels like my health has taken giant leaps forward, but then I’ll get some weirdo symptom that I know (or am pretty sure is tied to my gut) and I’m like WTF is going on?! I don’t have eczema and athlete’s foot anymore but i’m itching every time I eat? YUG!!!!!!!
            Ok, so I’m zeroing in on my updated protocol which I am hoping to start after I (attempt to) hike the grand canyon…move over Elijah hahaha.

            In my quest to single handedly fund the supplements industry, in addition to the plethora of stuff I’m already taking I am now adding S boulardi, glucommanan (i’m tolerating bimuno and acacia now but can’t really handle the high orac powder : / ), diatomaceous earth (for shits and giggles), prescript assist (seems to be going well so far!), AOR 3 (maybe), and haave been debating something you don’t mention much of…a biolfilm disrupter.
            I scoured your site looking for anything you might mention, and I really couldn’t find anything. What do you think of the whole dealing with biofilms thing?? Do you think that clay/DE is enough to mess that stuff up (not even sure if it does at all haha) Or do the good bacteria actually make their own biofilm disrupters once they come back on the scene? What do you think??

            Also, what happened with your teeth? Did you take amalgams out?? I have a bunch of root canals and was told to get thermography done and then possibly ozone shots, and also possibly just taking them out which would be kind of insane. Did you/do you have root canals?

            Also, I wanted to say that I totally agree meditation/visualization ROCKS!! Esp if you have gut issues. I think that if you don’t get rid of them over time it can seriously f*ck you up and mess with your instincts to heal and that meditation brings you back to that center. I listen to guided meditation specifically to this guy Jon Gabriel who is super progressive in his approach to weight loss and all the mental stuff accompanying it. Highly recommend him. Meditation without a doubt brought me to the gut health protocol which brought me to that dude who studies the Hazda, which brought me here!! The shiny poop rainbow blog : )


          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


            GRAND CANYON!! awesome!! UR SUCH A WARRIOR

            ‘Shiny poop rainbow blog’, love this!! Yes that is us, guts r us, HAPPY GI TRACTS 😉

            Thank you for all of your deep thoughts! You’ll love Eli — he captures all the science and fun together for gut hacking. He actually had not heard of ‘QS’ earlier but he measured approaches are precisely at the heart of quantified self, whilst not losing sight of the forest (because he’s an elite athlete and gamer).

            Personally VLC is not suited for long term for many folks IMO. It’s a great tool but even for short term not likely to produce results if there are hormonal inefficiencies or adrenaline problems (which dysbiosis lends to as well).

            Is the itchiness related to dairy and GOS? You may want to consider other oligosaccharides instead. It appears you tolerate fodmaps. Great food sources are cooked onions, chives, leeks, green leafy vegetables, sunchokes, etc.

            I’m so glad you saw an evolution of your gut health after Asian purple potatoes! Were these the slimy ones like the Okinawans? I couldn’t find these but had purple yams or sweet potato ones in Shanghai which were spectacular. Korean food is awesome — we make bibimbap and kalbi every week at our house! The amount of fermented foods they eat contribute to their amazing skin and guts I think.

  • Paul Steel

    Hello- I sent you folks an email the other day about setting up an appt to talk to Dr Grace 🙂

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      HI Paul

      Thank you for trying to contact me. Did you attempt here? Sorry, we haven’t rec’d anything.



      • Paul Steel

        Yes, That is where I contacted you. I know my friend sent i think 2 emails to that as well.

        if possible can some email me at psteel5@yahoo.com

        Thanks SO much

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

          HI Paul,

          Sorry about the gap! I hope we have fixed it with updating some plugins. Yes will contact and thanks for your patience.

  • Alison Martinov

    Hi Grace!

    I was wondering what your opinion was regarding the probiotic “MBC” by Systemic Formulas? Do you think it’s on par with something like VSL#3, etc? Also, would you recommend taking S. Boulardii in addition to a few other probiotics? I have the rhodotorula yeast strain and I don’t want to do anything to hinder my progress.

    Thanks for your input!

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      I’ve seen that product but I don’t advise it for re-colonization for 2 reasons
      –The 1st ingredient and thus % dominant is B animalis. In human microbiota studies using 16S rRNA analysis, dominance of B animalis has been highly associated with obesity, poor digestion, allergies/atopy and dysbiosis (B longum is the dominant strain of bifido in healthy, disease free guts in dozens of human trials).
      –Many histamine producers in that product which will potentially further disrupt many with dysbiosis

      Yes I suspect many with fungi issues like rhodotorula or others will have cross reactivity or no results with S boulardii. I think it is always better to re-seed with the probiotics which are ‘compromised’ by functionality or missing on testing.

      • Alison Martinov

        Thank you so much for your responses! I’m still trying to learn about all the different strains and their effects. I feel like I need at least three lives to cover all the material I’d like to. I always felt “off” or somehow… worse following ingestion of S. boulardii. My allergy testing last year showed moderate sensitivity to baking yeasts, but I think yeast in general don’t treat me well. I will avoid that one. Do you have any other advice on how to increase B longum other than the probiotics & prebiotic fibers (bionic shakes) I’m taking? So far I’m sticking with VSL#3 sachets, prescript assist and Dr. Ohira’s probiotics. I can’t tolerate dairy so a lot of other brands won’t work too well. I’m also trying to eat a lot of fermented foods but need to get my cooking skills a bit more jazzy!

        I just ordered three Ubiome kits so I can’t wait to see where i’m at and start tracking to make sure I get all my ancestral species back! I will share once I receive!

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


          Sounds like you’re an intrepid gut explorer!

          I look forward to hearing more about your journey and what works for you. Our current gut testing methods are all crude — we can only look at the overall picture, test post-damage immunity (auto-antibodies)/food sensitivities, and the ‘exit’ bacteria via uBiome.

          Go with the your gut — brewers yeast and fungi are a huge problem because antibiotics select for the worst ones to overgrow and translocate, and they are allowed to bloom with no balancing forces (Bifido longum, Akkermansia, the ancestral core microbiota, etc).

  • Tina

    Hey everyone:-)
    Thank u Dr Grace for all the information!!!
    I’m from Germany and so happy, that I found this site a few weeks ago.
    I have IBS- D with high e.coli, clostridium and Low bifido, bacteroides and very low lactobacillus. I think I can’t tolerate the Inulin and shouldn’t take the potato Starch. So what’s about step 4? Is it Enough to eat a green banana or berrys with my Probiotika- to Feed them? Or nothing? I’m confused about step 4;-), because I’ve read that ibs People shouldn’t take it and I dont tolerate it…
    Thank you, Tina

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      I’m not a big fan of things that disrupt the gut and lower your beneficial gut flora such as B longum and Akkermansia/Roseburia/Christensenella (raw potato starch, sugar, high gluten diets).

      Thank you for your kind words! Glad you are finding it helpful and illuminating.

      I have seen IBS-D respond very favorable from the soil probiotic. Have you considered these? Your profile that you report is very common — low bifido, low good lacto and low bacteroides. Prescript Assist is awesome and contains several Bacteroides. The Factor 4 and 6 are both Bifido longum dominant probiotics which I have seen immediate seeding in the gut flora with gut rehab protocols.

      The iApothecary just opened — hope you find it helpful. Hopefully you may be able to find these products locally or similar ones. Have you used any Mutaflor or E coli probiotics. I used Symbioflor from Germany with good results. It targets adverse and aggressive E coli.



      • Tina

        Hey Dr. Grace,
        Symbioflor ‘s a great product- cured my sisters IBS a few years ago. I’ve tried it, but it didnt’t work for me.
        never used an ecoli Probiotic.
        A Professor of my university told us2 years ago, that probiotics don’t work, that they’re something like esotericism.. i stopped my research and the intakte of probiotics.
        Actually I’m using Prescript Assist and Primal Defense Ultra- alternating daily. I startet to reintegrate rice and potato- did a Low carb, paleo diet the last 2 years.
        I’ve read many papers since finding your website and hope that I’m able to doctorate on the gut Brain Axis. So THANK U again for the inspiration,

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

          Your welcome Tina. Don’t forget to consider pathogenic protozoa, bacteria and yeasts which are quite tenacious in damaging our upperguts. It’s so common and often at the root of many people’s autoimmunity disorder, mental illness, adrenal defects, diabetes, obesity, cancer risks, IBD and IBS or poor/suboptimal athletic performance. I had it too!


          • Tina

            Yeah. The test for yeast showed negative results..but Clostridium species were high. E coli too.the other enterobacteriaceae were low.
            Could be a Problem in my upper gut!
            Think the tests you do( in the US) are much better than ours.
            Maybe its possible to eat food again or drink a cup of coffee(Love it!) without being afraid of what happens 🙂

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


            I run the urine organic acids on everyone because it provides urine biomarkers for yeast because 99% of dysbiotic guts have yeast overgrowths. E coli, Clostridium and other gut pathogens all affiliate with yeasts in biofilms which are slimy protective fortresses. Diet (ketosis/anti-fodmap) helps to improve these but I have found that they rear their ugly heads with the first ‘excursions’ or binges. Consider some good bifido to provide the extra layer of protection to eradicate the final amounts of pathogens. What does the testing say about the beneficial bifidobacterium quantities?

          • Tina

            I’ve done a very strict ketogenic diet from Septeber14 until Juli15. I stopped it because I had to take a lot of protein… I had a big protein deficiency- probably because of the diarrhea. Since I included more Protein and the vitamines that i’ ve lost, I feel much better.. So happy!!!
            Bifidobacterium species were 1×10^9
            Lactobacillus species <1×10^5
            I try to send a copy.
            If I want to do a Test for yeast overgrowth, they laugh at me. I study medicine and Yeast overgrowth in the gut is not accepted as a problem in German hospitals, universities ..
            Thank you 🙂

  • disqus_ZiWvOYdrzC

    Hi Grace,

    I was wondering if you could clarify when, on a broader, temporal scale (of the 7-Steps), supplemental prebiotics should/could be added (particularly in relation to seeding/probiotics)? That is, if I’m currently taking high(er) dosages of SBO probiotics (in the morning, on an empty stomach), should I, concurrently, be feeding these bugs with various (supplemental) prebiotics in the afternoon and evening? Or, alternatively, should I wait until I am done a round of the probiotics, and then begin to supplement with a ‘bionic fibre-esque’ drink?

    I just wonder that, if consumed ‘simultaneously,’ would the prebiotics influence (whether positively or negatively) the efficacy of the probiotics? And, indeed, how would you define ‘simultaneously’? Can I avoid any relative contraindications between the pro/prebiotics by separating their ingestion throughout the day, for instance? And, in which case, would they be fine to take ‘concurrently?’ Or perhaps they work harmoniously (assuming the ‘right’ prebiotics are consumed…) and no temporal separation is needed?

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated, and apologies if this issue has already been clarified elsewhere.

    Thank you for all of your help, and for all that you do! 🙂

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      Thank you for your thoughts. In severe dysbiosis, many things including food/fiber/fodmaps are intolerable temporarily until the root problem is addressed (overgrowths in the small intestines/upper gut).

      How have you addressed this?

      For bifido, to amp the B longum seeding and help it to anchor in the gut, I use certain prebiotics such as AG, arabinogalactan simultaneously (no temporal separation, just in case). For the most part, AG does not feed yeasts or pathogens, but it is always possible overgrowths may be fed depending on the composition of the overgrowths. Each case is certainly different and various stages of benefit and improvement occur with weeding secondary to these nasty, tenacious biofilms!

      • Alison Martinov

        Hi Grace & JS2091,

        This is a good question. I have been taking the SBO’s in the AM with just one of the bionic fiber shakes (hoping its FEEDING them and helping them reach the colon). Is this assumption correct? Or is it better to take prescript assist on an empty stomach, then the bionic fiber later on? or, its just selective? For instance, the prescript assist with AG (to seed B longum?)

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  • TK

    Dr Grace,

    Needless to say, and as almost everyone else mentions that this is a great service you are performing, with detailed responses to individuals conditions, and answering so many questions (i bet a lot of them are repeated in nature and substance ad nauseum). Again, for all its worth, thank you and please keep doing this, challenging conventional wisdom and also providing more clarity to a complex problem in this context is greatly appreciated by a lot of people in here.
    Now that cordialities are out of way let me get to the my queries, these are basically in two parts, first one relating to the whole notion of putting a scientific principle to backup theories that biomists (sorry for coining this somewhat lame term) live by and what these forums stand for:

    1. The notion of microbiota leading to certain digestive conditions isn’t far fetched, and while empirical evidence to cover variations due to massive number of permutations resulting from interplay of various bacteria will take time, it is certainly a plausible/justifiable explanation for a number of conditions
    2. The link between the ecosystem of an individual’s biota, and the food that one needs to eat to restore a balance is somewhat lesser of a science at the moment, now that we know (roughly) what microbes one has due to the biome testing, is it possible to map a replacement ecosystem model and then drive the food/fiber requirements that will help a transition to it? I ask this because a lot of people are arbitrarily trying various things, and seems to drive at different outcomes. This level of unrpedictability leads to ambiguity in determining the efficacy of any approach. Why cant a biota restoration protocol be more definitively derived at? What are the inhibitors?
    3. In the context of SIBO, the rate of transit of food, the density of current microbes in SI, both would play a significant role in determining the severity of SIBO. Lets admit it, every healthy of unhealthy individual has exactly the same problem, which is that microbes start eating food and producing byproducts while food is in transit in SI. What makes it a problem is when there is too many microbes eating it too quickly, and producing too many by products to hinder the transit time, or create physical side effects (back pressures, etc). Why is transit time of food and MMC not given any consideration in the seven steps protocol (I am assuming it is not, apologies if it is a presumption)
    4. Would the ability to measure two things not help in this debate? namely the time it takes for food to make it to large intestines, and second is the microbe density while they go through a feeding frenzy. Why isn’t the community collectively driving towards better measurement of such things? (sounds like i don’t understand how pharmaceutical industry works :). But could there not be a smart pill that could do this?

    Second part of my questions are related to my specific condition, I have suffered from this for 25 years at least, and I am originally from Pakistan, migrated to Australia long ago, and my condition started long before making it to the developed world. So for those who strictly attribute these issues to modern diet/western world predominantly etc may not be entirely correct. My question in this context is, I would greatly appreciate your help to review my case, and work on the right microbe restoration protocol that is aimed at my gut, I understand the nature of hit and trial involved in doing so, but need someone who has exposure to a large repository of experience, and understanding all concoctions available in the market to help out. Would it be possible to work with you on this one pls?

    Apologies for the long winded nature of this, and hope this helps to further the cause of wider conversation on this topic.

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Hi TK

      Thank you for your deep gut flora thoughts! I love your term biomists… hhhmm so elegant and terse.

      1. Microflora not only can lead to digestive illnesses but disease in far flung organs such as the brain or skin…
      2. Yes, indeed. I am wondering also the inhibitors of success for all FMTs. Most don’t work unless the disease is isolated to the colon and unfortunately the human body is complex and many things are interrelated and interconnected
      3. Under exercise and step #7 (gut, adrenal, hormone support) — MMC care is disguised. Thanks for your detailed attention. Exercise is one of evolution’s best solutions for a poor MMC. Herbals and bitters help the motility of the gut as well when this isn’t enough
      4. I think there are smart pills in the works and if not, google or apple should get started on these!

      I’m sorry to hear about your condition. Yes I’ve sent you an email. Look forward to chatting soon.

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  • Tina

    Dear Dr. Grace,
    U saved my life!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!
    A few Month ago, i ve wrote a few questions here on this Post. I’m the one from Germany with low bifido, low Lacto, Diarrhea, Food intolerances usw.
    I came from 3-15x Diarrhea/d to 2 /a Month now. I Can eat everything(startet Inulin Last week) – nothing happens:-)(except lactose) now I can go deeper with Acacia, Inulin usw:-)
    Thank you again.. I’m so pleased about all the free Information that help People all over the world!
    I Hope you Start shipping your bifido Max probiotics to Europe- would Love to try it( still looking for a good probiotic Option Witch contains Lacto and bifido for me and friends:D)

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Awww Tina~!

      I love hearing your story (yes hear it all the time!! love it EVERY TIME)!!

      What was the testing pre- and post used — uBiome? Doctor’s Data? Send to me!!

      We are shipping to EU but Germany keeps holding and applying lots of customs charges. I’m very sorry — I just had someone fill me in. We have had no problems for Holland or AUS so far. Do you have any friends across the border that you could collect the package from?

      How is your brain — sharp, clear and rested?

      How is your mood — happy, optimistic and productive?

      How is your energy — endless, youthful and vital?

      Awesome!! luv you and your gut journey!

      • Tina

        Dr. Grace:-)
        YES! All of it.
        My mind is clear, no more foggy feeling, no more headache!!!! I Love my life again, I have so much energy and I’ m HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!
        With lots of Inulin my headache comes back, don’tknow why.. Maybe I feed yeasts or something..!
        With Inulin from vegetables there’s no Problem, so i skipped the powder and take my Acacia and B-GOS along with Rice, vegetables, potatos, fruits… I take the Berberine once a day and stop it when its empty. Try the Inulin in Summer again!
        OH MAN, I can eat everything( little lactose- no more Problem)!!! Can you imagine!?!? SOO happy. I’m yourgreatest fan:D can go out and have a Cup of coffee, in University and working in the hospital,Parties etc I don’t Need to go home… Got my life back:-) told a friend about you, He did your weed and seed plan too aaaand: no more Diarrhea!!!
        Hmm… Yes, it’s always a Problem ordering something from the US:/ Most things I order from a “middleshop” in the Netherlands…
        Only have my pre Intervention- stool test(below)!! Thinking about ordering UBiome and send it to US:-)(my mum asked: you’ll send poop to The other side of the world?seriously?!)
        Pleeeease keep up the good work!!!! I cannot thank u enough. Tina

        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ac8a2d54a5e881a1fb5f8f6305cc98f8695f2b1f519c3cca0e6b648a2b8366a2.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ddd3da96fa45070fcd5d29be1cb8444e9a7009a18bcc08353291bb3c10749233.png

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

          Gorgeous Tina~!!

          Awesome brain and bowels!! LUV IT!!!

          Thanks for the testing — are the two posted the after-bionic-fiber one?

          Yes I believe it is prudent to halt berberine. I have found it increases resistant E coli in a similar fashion to antibiotics. Probiotics is the ‘antidote’. Prephage + Ultra BIFIDO-MAXIMUS probiotic is another great combo for diminishing aggressive E coli.

          Inulin may feed several pathogens including Klebsiella and Citrobacter but these were not detected. Inulin feeds many good flora if they are in the small intestines still. This require good ultra potent probiotics to shift and move out of the small intestines

          Spectacular job at advancing the diet and diversifying dairy and grains/starches!! I am so pleased. That is what we are hearing all the time — no need for an artificial ‘paleo’ bubble for many guts 🙂

          Congratulations on your HAPPY HAPPY HAPPYINESS!!! And your friend with past diarrhea!

          • Tina

            Ohoh, Thank you,I’ll stop the Berberine today:D.. Hope it was enough weeding, little nervous, that the bad symptoms come back without the Berberine( headaches, behavior and feeling like an autistic Woman would describe her feelings.. CRAZY!!!never want feeling like this again)!!!! Everything is ging so well- i’m addicted:D Would be so great to get your bifido max:/ stupid customs/duty… Have Prescript Assist and Primal Defense Ultra.
            Noooo, the posted testings are BEFORE finding your website and starting with the 7steps! Hope it looks better now:-) I KNOW it looks better now- feel it!!!
            I LOVE fibre. Having so much fun cooking and feed My small friends.
            Do you think that SIBO could appear because of a wrong toilet Position(no squatting, not closing the ileocaecal valve) ? Read about that yesterday:D
            Thank you again!

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

            We’ll be in contact! How are is your gut off of berberine? That is a very curious reaction being off the botanical!

          • Tina

            Hey Grace, These werde the Symptoms before starting your “Plan”, the Berberine and the Probiotics and fiber. I’m off Berberine aaand…. Everythings Great:-) :-)yes!!! Unbelievable!!!! I was so afraid that it could come back!
            I startet symbiolact 1 and 2 additionally to the Prescript Assist and the Primal Defense Ultra Last week ! Love it! Seems to make everything perfect, feel very well:-) i didnt tolerate the symbioflor 1 and 2 one year ago!!! Maybe I’ll tolerate Inulin in the Future. In its natural form there are no Problems!
            I had such a bad time.. Two wasted years!but I learned a lot!!!thank You Dr. Grace!! I hope you feel aus well as I do!!!:)

          • New Greg

            Dear Dr. I believe you said Klebsiella doesn’t feed on inulin in another post. I have just ordered a lot of inulin powder. Now I am soooooo confused and lost. I have Kleb overgrowth and pre AS symptoms.

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

            Hi New Greg

            Have you done gut/urine testing yet? Great question and sorry about the confusion. Certain strains of Klebsiella appear to ferment inulin/FOS and others do not in studies. There are several strains K oxytoca, K pneumoniae, K edwardsii etc can be found in human guts. these are opportunistic and most implicated in autoimmune and chronic inflammatory conditions (and acute UTIs and other infections too).

            For AS or any autoimmune/inflammatory condition, consider getting gut/urine tests to rule out what opportunistic fungi/candida and bacteria are causing issues and what protective symbiont strains are missing (Roseburia, Akkermansia, Bifido longum, etc). What studies show is that probiotics especially B longum/lactobacilli containing ones lower Klebsiella

            Amylopectin is found in potato starch, bread, cooked rice/beans, etc

            “Klebsiella oxytoca fermented amylopectin (97% of the strains studied), carrageenan (100%), inulin (68%), polypectate (100%), and tragacanth (100%).
            Klebsiella pneumoniae fermented amylopectin (91%), carrageenan (100%), and tragacanth (86%). ”

          • New Greg

            Yes, i got jujenum juice aspirate test. Klebsiella P., Streptoccocus Salivarius and Serratia Marscences overgrowth. Took quinolones for 10 days on the 4th day brain fog started disappearing i felt much better. 3 weeks later tried eating a bit of starch. (Cold rice) didnt go well. I think theres a severe dysbiosis. I was taking small amounts of bifidos all the time along with B. Coagulans. It seems i didnt shift the flora towards ‘good guys’ yet. Just ordered your Bifido Maximus and Inulin because you posted a link to the study where they tested inulin vs Kleb and inulin + bifido vs kleb. Inulin alone inhibited Kleb but was much better with Bifido. I am lost now 🙁

  • Larry Rotenberg

    whens a good time to take bionic fibre? from circadian rhythm point of view? and for a t2d that suffers from dawn phen?

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      Awesome question!

      Fiber feed the fat burning and glucose lowering gut flora ALL DAY. To lower dawn phen which is a rise in BG with cortisol spikes related to adrenal/thyroid dysregulation in the early morning, consider ancestral gut strategies
      –bionic fiber, eventually 50 grams of fiber daily
      –movement 1 hr cardio (gentle, moderate) every morning in sunlight
      –probiotics like our ULTRA B|M probiotic

      Let us know what works best for you!

      • Larry Rotenberg

        Hi DrGrace
        Thanks for the reply…so bionic fibre is best in the morning? or 50 grams spread 3 times? or at once at night or upon waking? I have controlled dawn phen by getting light first thing and eating within 30 minutes of rising….but on lowcarb you miss some fibre which I now eat through lots of veggies but adding inulin etal should help further…….so 50 gams is a lot at once….the question comes down to when ?

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


          By all day I meant spread out through meals/snacks.

          What I do is ~15 grams twice daily and meals consist of about 20-30g fiber and starches/RS3 (on very pristine, good days lol at home and lately not at home much)

          The most bang for the buck for me:
          organic beet smoothies (someday I’ll post pictures): 1/2 c berries, 1/2 beet, 1/4 lemon, 2 carrots, 1 celery rib, handful kale, 2-3 cups water in VitaMixer)
          lentils (~10 g/half cup!! yumm)

          • Larry Rotenberg


          • Clay Spootles

            Hi, Dr. Grace.

            Is it important for all these veggies to be raw in order to reap the full benefits of all that great microbiome-feeding fiber? I currently eat a lot of carrots/squash/leafy greens, but almost all of it is cooked and made into stews and soups. Thanks!

  • Samantha Rodes

    I know that there is a gut thyroid connection, but here’s the catch- which comes first with treatment- healing the gut, or healig the thyroid? And how? So much conflicting info (I’m trying to find good research for my book).

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Need both!! synergistically at the same time!

      • Samantha Rodes

        Awesome! Also, I feel like I just fell down a rabbit hole during some more research for my book. Bacteriophages/Microphages. Could they possibly be a better alternative to nuking our guts with antimicrobials/antibiotics? I know it’s a little tricky finding the right strains of microphages, but I see a couple products like Design For Health’s PrePhage, and wonder if that alongside with probiotic sups (Prescript Assist, Bifido Max), prebiotics (diet+ bionic fiber), and other issues like adrenals/thyroid

  • Paula

    I have an under active thyroid which I take Synthroid. After having a hysterectomy and turning 51 my stomach is big and bloated all the time. I take a probiotic but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Which probiotic do you recommend to reduce stomach bloating and fat loss. There are so many bionic fibers to choose from in your catalog

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      Do you have brain fog, fatigue, fat in addition to bloating? Join our free webinar because we will provide 10 energy boosting tips you can employ NOW to feel better and will get rid of bloat quickly.

      • Sugar crash and need a Starbucks triple Frapp by 2pm?

      • Can’t get out of bed, despite 10 hours sleep?

      • Tired but wired every night?

      • Hot flashes in the middle of important meetings?


      Consider rehab’ing your gut with probiotics first. The safest fiber is what you can tolerate as food in your diet (green smoothie, starches, cooked vegetables, salads, lentils/legumes, etc) and the fiber like acacia, arabinogalactan and psyllium.

  • Kevin Finn

    Christensenella and associated gut flora seem to be the ones associated with weight loss, Are there any specific foods to eat that will cause Christensenella to develop and flourish please?

  • Robin H

    What’s the purpose of the high orac green powder? It’s not specifically intended to be a fiber product is it?

  • Robin H

    I started taking your Bifido Maximus almost a month ago. Life changer! I’m getting so many benefits from this, so thank you! I’ve never had noticeable results from a probiotic before (including Prescript Assist). My question is, is it ok to take with fiber? I’ve been taking it with the fiber drink about half the time. It seems like a good idea to dilute any stomach acids with this sludge and also give the bugs some food. I haven’t been using the green powder yet though. Just fiber. Is this a good idea?

  • Chelsea

    Ordered your probiotic! So stoked. Currently experiencing an overgrowth of SRB’s and considering herbal antibiotics. How would the probiotic work in with the herbal antibiotics? Or should I wait to start probiotic after the round of herbs?

  • Larry Rotenberg

    what is TBS a tablespoon?

  • Espen

    Would this be safe even if one has overgrowth of bad bacteria?

    I suffer from ME/CFS, but I understand using this fiber and SBOs are healthy?

    I’ve used products with inulin and oligosaccharides in small doses before without it seemingly doing anything bad, so I guess that means it would be OK to take it?

  • abbykadi

    Is there a sub for the inulin? I’m sure it’s because I’ve destroyed my gut with multiple rounds of Cipro for UTIs, but I have horrid gas pain with supplemental inulin. Thank you!