ChrisKellyThe Gut Guardians Podcast has Christopher Kelly onto the show. Chris is a computer scientist and professional mountain biker who coaches athletes to increase their performance. Chris explains his own personal story of overcoming his gut woes, and why he is on the path to teach others the importance of good gut function.

Here on the Gut Guardians Show we love uBiome data and Chris has developed an easy to read ‘tree’ of your raw uBiome data. Check it out!

Be sure to listen to the end of the episode for an upcoming online event September 26th 2015. Enjoy the show!


Show Notes

  • Brenda

    Hi Grace.
    I’m really looking forward to listening to this one when I get chance.
    Just thought I’d let you know that it’s nice to see you getting the recognition you deserve on other blogs and podcasts. Your old blog had some absolutely fantastic pieces that I hope got the views they deserved. Sometimes I worry that the quality posters, like you, are not getting the number of readers that some of the ‘big names’ are getting in the Paleo scene.
    I was looking for others review on progress with your 7-step program now that I’m about to begin it. I came across some nice words said about you and your approaches in episode 10 of Dr. Ragnar’s podcast which I was originally led to by the Paleo Britain facebook group.
    About 40 minutes in, they discuss your previous blog (my favourite blog!). I like listening to and reading niche podcasts and blogs without all the fanfare and mass followings. Keeps things simple and to the science.
    Best Regards,

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      HI Brenda,

      AAAHHHhh, you make me blush which is quite difficult lol hah! No fanfare here and always LOL. I love Brits and the UK!!! Definitely I’ll need to visit some day and buy you a cuppa tea 😉 My first job out of college was as a lab assistant with a Welsh prof and we had many British postdocs. We had tea mandatory twice daily which is such a nice habit.

      Did you catch my interview recently in the UK Women’s Health with Katie?

      Yes Tommy Wood (Ragnar) is awesome and grasp of science and medicine of course is phenom. Glad he’s not ‘tightwad, stric Paleo’ and sees ‘beans and whole grain barley’ as acceptable! Christopher speaks very highly of him and Matt Pepin and I will have him on the show soon hopefully! Paleo Britain is spectacular; Chloe is amazing.

      Please us know how the 7 Steps works for you! Thank you for finding both blogs — animal pharm and TGI. The goal of the 7 Steps is to deliver ancestral, diverse, safe and effective superfoods to feed and restore our ancestral microbiome… (not pathogens — which you need testing if you have a history of any chronic disorder). What I love to see is to people experience magnification of of health by fueling your missing ancestral gut guardians, track this and see health biomarker/symptom changes.

      What changed was removing all raw, unmodified potato starch (RS2, RUMPS). Raw resistant starch RS2 is super harmful for the gut and silently damages the microbiome by lowering the known protective strains on gut testing/ubiome/gdx. It drops # of good gut strains by 20-25% in many ubiome cases; and raises toxin secreting Clostridium and Enterobacter. This subsequently silently (or obviously) ruins or degrades health. Initially with 7 Steps, I saw no fat loss or successes alone with it; and this was hugely problematic. In fact, many reported getting fatter and fatter and more bloated more than any other ‘fiber’. It’s actually considered a fiber by any gut microbiota researcher. I see damage and consider it silently damaging like antibiotics.

      The 7 Steps has been upgraded over the year and Bionic Fiber refined to target gut guardians and pathogens:

      There is a new human 2015 RCT using 8.5 g/day raw resistant starch RS2 (HAMS) showing that the prebiotic increased gut inflammation, lowered diversity and lowered stool acetate in healthy Malawi children (in 20g carb mandasi local food).

      The study shows a high correlation with raw RS2 and apparently terrible (silent) effects on multiple levels of gut function in kids which confirms the results seen in other human RCTs on RS2:
      –The consumption of RS changed the composition of the microbiota; at the phylum level Actinobacteria increased [CERTAIN BIFIDO ARE ASSOC W GLUTEN INTOLERANCE, ATOPY, OBESITY], while Firmicutes decreased.
      –Among the most prevalent genera, Lactobacillus [WHICH IS ASSOC W OBESITY WHEN EXCESSIVE] was increased and Roseburia, Blautia, and Lachnospiracea incertae sedis were decreased [THESE FLORA ARE POSITIVELY ASSOCIATED GOOD HEALTH].
      –The Shannon H index at the genus level decreased from 2.02 on the habitual diet and 1.76 after the introduction of RS[2] (P < 0.01).
      –Fecal acetate concentration [WHICH IS ANTIFUNGAL/ANTI-PATHOGENIC) decreased, and fecal propionate concentration increased after RS[2] administration (−5.2 and 2.0 μmol/g, respectively).
      –Fecal calprotectin [INFLAMMATORY MARKER] increased from 29 ± 69 to 89 ± 49 μg/g (P = 0.003) after RS[2] was given. The lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis pathway was upregulated [LPS ASSOCIATED WITH GUT PERMEABILITY].

      Other human RCTs with RS2 40g HAM, raw resistant corn starch:
      (a) Bodinham 2014 in controlled T2D humans: increased triglycerides, increased body fat/BMI/DEXA, increased fatty organs/muscles, increased fatty pancreas, lower GLP-1

      (b) Bodinham 2012 in overweight humans: increased insulin

      Other research and uBiome results I've been lucky to observe have been the same. RS2 lowers diversity in the same manner as antibiotics I've seen. Peter Turnbaugh, a leading gut researcher, reportedly found the same effects with raw potato.

      In 100% of all ubiome and GDX gut testing with pre- and post-PS, I see silent (or ppl report flare of IBD or their disorder) damage:

      higher blood sugars

      higher EPX (inflammation)

      increased sIgA (gut inflammation

      lower symbionts (Akkermansia, Bifido longum, Lactobacilli, human-butyrate-producers etc)) and higher gut pathogens (E coli, Proteobacteria, Clostridium, etc) which are associated with fat gain, cancer, diabetes, obesity and IBD/IBS

      decreased diversity

      decreased acetate

      lunatic-high-butyrate (excess butyrate is adipogenic)

      • SavGeo

        Love the Women’s Health article! Acne is my big issue, so it really hit home. I hope more research will be available on this topic soon, like what vipers need weeded from the gut and which probiotic strains need added. It makes me scream when I see acne commercials pushing topical products when the issues are much deeper.

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


          Thank you for your thoughts!! Yes I think WH did an amazing and fantastic job!! VERY IMPRESSIVE AND PROGRESSIVE!! I love Katie!

          It’s so funny because the acne products actually do work in many cases, but the root problems from the gut and missing good gut flora are missed in the equation. One can’t use the topical products forever… I was also really surprised how great the # of cosmetic products containing by-products and metabolites of microbial fermentation from Lactobacilli are now added to skin care lines! Did you see?

          Really we are so disconnected from soil/dirt and the bacteria and wild yeast communities there and no longer consume the naturally fermented foods made from them like fermented beans/legumes, white lentils/dosas, kraut, pickled carrots, kim chee, raw milk and dairy ferments, etc!

          • SavGeo

            I have noticed more skincare products starting to include probiotics. It’s exciting to see more people coming around to understanding that not all bacteria is harmful. To your point on soil bacteria, I think many of ancient techniques and traditions result in superior tasting food. My family loves dosas, sauerkraut and kefir. Now I’m on the lookout for more recipes to incorporate RS3 into the diet. I’m wondering if heating and cooling tiger nut horchata will be a nice accompaniment to my bionic fiber.

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

            Isn’t it so cool? A merging of ancient with the modern… my sister and I have been experimenting with baking scones, savory items and breakfast muffins with tigernut flour!! VERY YUMMY and high in protein. The cooked horchata sounds good… ahah Would love to hear what you come up with later!

  • Chloe Archard

    Brenda thanks for the mention and Grace thank you for your kind comments! Tommy Wood is amazing, fountain of all knowledge and very sensible and balanced with it. He knows more about almost every health topic than anyone I know…except Dr Grace Liu’s amazing understanding of the gut, lol! Sent my second uBiome sample off for testing today so I hope to share the results soon to compare lowish – fibre paleo diet with 6 weeks higher-fibre paleo diet including lots of prebiotics. Hoping I can see some Akkermansia and Bifido, fingers crossed

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Chloe~! You’re a fountain of knowledge too!! I love your blog and your site!! We are going to have you on hopefully soon too!!

  • Chloe Archard

    I also loved the skin article – just wish we could get testing easier here in the UK

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Chloe~! Yes I wish the testing were available everywhere. Check around. The labs are growing as the needs are too!

  • Chloe Archard

    Tommy’s talk last year at Health Unplugged was called “Grains, Legumes and Dietary Dogma” he was saying back then that all the studies only show positive effects from eating beans…it must be a lot to do with the microbiota…but everyone in paleo still seems to avoid them…?

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      I think originally beans were dogged because of the lectin content but with proper food processing as most civilizations have been doing for millenium (soaking, fermenting), then the lectins are negligible for most. I think they are fine too!

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