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ubiome phylaThis tool was inspired by and developed with Dr. Grace Liu PharmD of the Gut Institute. Like any tool, it’s as only as good as the hands of the operator. If you would like some help understanding your data, please book an appointment.


uBiome Consultation with Dr. Grace Liu PharmD

Consider scheduling a 30 minute appointment after your data for your gut testing (uBiome, AmGut, Genova Diagnostics, Doctor’s Data, Great Plains, and other testing). We will discuss the composition of your gut microbiota, answer your questions, and review how your microbiota data compares with others.

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Consultation with Dr Grace Liu PharmD (30 minutes)

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  • DG

    Hi Grace,

    There’s lot of info out there on the bacterial composition of the microbiome, and with tools like ubiome there’s lots of transparency available to the curious individual. What there’s much less information about is probiotic yeasts – to what extent do they exist naturally in a healthy gut and to what degree, can supplementation be effective/beneficial, etc. There seems to be a decent amount of info on saccharomyces boulardii, but not many other strains. Any thoughts on this? The question came up as I was researching different probiotics. I take SBOs (prescript assist, AOR3, primal defense) along w RenewLife bifidomax, and of course bionic fiber (!), but was looking at “Garden of Life RAW Probiotics 5-Day Max Care” and noticed it contains a number of yeasts:

    Kluyveromyces marxianus, Brettanomyces anomalus, Debaryomyces hansenii, Saccharomyces unisporus, Saccharomyces turicensis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Saccharomyces exiguus, Torulaspora delbrueckii

    Is this just a much less researched area? Is it possible these kinds of yeasts play a significant role? It looks like these guys can be found in Kefir, which is obviously recommended as a good source of probiotics. Do we think they’re just incidental, or do they contribute to the benefits people seem to get from Kefir?


    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Hi DG

      Different studies on healthy guts how fungi are about 0.2-2% or as high as 7% (probably SAD guts). Like bacteria, archae, viruses/phages and helminths in healthy guts, there is a balance of yeasts and fungi in the gut (mycobiome). Once protective, foundational flora are gone, the disease-inducing ‘versions’ sadly will be active. The terrain erodes and disease proceeds — all the Western ones we are so familiar with.

      I like all the products you mentioned — the yeasts are wild, no? Definitely protective, foundational yeasts and fungi are good for longevity, leanness and health. Many are found in soil and compost. The great majority of healthy soil is fungi.

      If someone however has had hyperpermeability for quite a while (> 2yrs) they will like also have hyper-immunity against these products and brewers yeast. These can be tested on several panels from Great Plains, Genova and others. Often the adverse effects are ‘silent’.

      Both water and dairy kefir is awesome because, like Prescript Assist, it’s an ecosystem of microbes.

      Have you heard of Teraganix? It is like kombucha but uses molasses as the base.



      • DG

        Thank you Grace!

        Yes, I believe I have hyper-immunity as I’ve had an autoimmune disease for nearly 5 years and am working incredibly hard to get it under control. Maybe some of these products or the things I’m eating are still giving me issues, but I don’t really know. I’m doing paleo AIP diet along with your 7-steps. I am sending in a ubiome kit this week and am hoping to consult with you once I have results! Maybe you can help me get to the bottom of some of this stuff 🙂


        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

          Great DG~! You are a truth warrior!! Working in the dark leads nowhere and wastes time.

      • MDM

        Hi Grace,
        How would one approach this if there is hyper-immunity against beneficial yeasts? Is a slow and easy introduction helpful or something else? I have already done some yeast weeding but still tend to react and am not sure how to proceed.

        thanks so much!

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


          No the problem is the gap, the lack of beneficial bacteria which regulate and soothe the immune system. When they are not there, then chaos and dysregulation occur. Really easy to reinstall! Are there are phases when things are better, benign and ‘safer’.

          Consider getting appropriate lab work and consultation.

  • Tami Onstad

    Dr. Grace:

    Just a couple of quick questions for you (lol, bet you wish you had a dime for every time someone said that to you!)

    I’m dealing with some issues that mash up genetic issues (lots of MTHFR mutations and lifelong depression) with medication and unpleasant results coming off antidepressants. I’m coming off 8 years of Wellbutrin and tapering down from 300 mg per day. When I initially cut my dose in half I went from 125 pounds to 138 in the space of about 2 weeks (eating a pretty clean diet, about 50% fat/25% protein/25% carbs). I had previously maintained that 125/25% BF for about three-four years with not much exercise and those macros I mentioned, so the skyrocketing weight and bf (from 25% to 31%) was an unpleasant shock, especially on a 5’2″ frame! I feel like the blame has to be the metabolic shock of removing what was essentially a daily dose of speed. Anyway, I want OFF the meds, and I am now down to 75mg per day.

    Long story short, I have now started exercising about 3x per week (mix of really good strength and conditioning workouts) and I have also started Bionic Fiber every day (1 TBSP Inulin, 1 TBSP Acacia, 1 TBSP GBF, 1 scoop Larch, 1 scoop Amazing Grass, 1 TBSP Psyllium) plus eating cooked/cooled rice and potatoes, etc.

    Four weeks of Bionic Fiber and 3x week exercising = not one pound lost, and not one iota of BF lost according to my my Omron BF monitor (which has been very good at capturing changes in the past.) I appear to be stuck. My question is (after that long-winded explanation) How long do you think before I should see some changes from the Bionic Fiber? I’m frustrated, because I figured the combo of fiber + exercise should be showing some progress!

    I’ve got my testing kit so I should have some gut info soon, but I realized I hadn’t read anything about whether the Bionic Fiber was getting people quick results or only over the long haul?

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      Are you doing the 7 steps with probiotics? Probiotics amplifies the results. If you are which probiotics?

      Consider stopping the banana flour and eating the starches warmed up. The body likes to have warm food as the temperature activates the enzymes for digestion in the small intestines. If you have a lot of pathogens and candida/yeasts in the gut, consider higher fiber starches that are enriched in more fiber
      –wild rice
      –black, purple, brown rice

      Would love to hear your gut results later

      • Tami Onstad

        Warmed up as in warm water? I’m taking them in a big glass of water each night, so I could do warm water.

        I’m taking Prescript Assist 1 cap a day away from the fiber – should that be taken at the same time? I finished a 6 day Elixa course just before I started the fiber.

        I’ll try your suggestions and report back when I have gut data. Thank you!


        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


          I meant warm water with the meal.

          If you’ve had dysbiosis for some time and a history of Strep throat, what I notice is the high dosage streptococcus containing probiotics are problematic (like Elixa, VSL#3).

          How was Elixa? Initial improvement then regression back?

          Please post your results here or consider a consult soon. Dietary carbs/fodmaps (potatoes, white rice) are problematic depending on the composition of the gut — pathogens, yeasts/Candida, etc. Would love to hear more about your journey soon!

  • Andy T

    Hi Dr Grace,
    I am interested in a consult with you. I have Ubiome and Genova test results at hand. How do I send these results to you? Do I send you the Ubiome in the tree format or otherwise? Is it possible to privately send you a brief write up of my condition along with my data before the consult? Thanks!

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Thanks for your interest and patience. The iApothecary is upgrading and cannot accept orders until Fri or Monday. Yes to all your questions. Please consider contacting me on the ‘contact’ tab.

  • MDM

    Hi Grace,
    I would love more information about ordering testing and working with you. I have sent a couple of emails through the contact link but not heard back. I have had lots of testing, but most are probably too old at this point (2 years) to be of value. I realize I likely need to order new testing through you, but the cost part is confusing. At one point it looks like I can get testing at a pretty deep discount through you (less than 200 for each stool and urine), but on the order page, the prices are much different. Also wondering some about timing of testing and setting up the consult with you. Could you please email me with more information/instructions on how to start the process? Thanks so much!!

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Hi MDM
      Thanks for you patience — I’ll look for your contact. The waiting list is being whittled down. Mmhh I’ll look at the disparity in pricing which sounds odd

  • Mike Robins

    $128 for a 30 min consult? LOL

  • Josh Finlay

    Hi Grace, have you come across GI-MAP from diagnostic solutions? Seems to be the only third party verified PCR test on the market and is cheaper than Gi Effects – wonder how it compares…

  • Gerald Braun

    Dr. Liu!

    I am trying without success to reach you. I am suffering with a severe GI condition that has been elusive to complete resolution and I desperately want to get better. Jessica Flanigan recommended that I reach you and a friend of mine (mutual contact) has reached out to you on FB on my behalf. Can you PLEASE get in touch with me so we can move forward or give me another relevant way to reach you?

    gershon.braun@gmail.com or 347-782-6734