Jimmy MOoreOn this episode of the Gut Guardians Podcast, Jimmy Moore joined Grace and Matt to talk about his newest book, The Ketogenic Cookbook. Jimmy Moore is host of the widely popular Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb show and author of Cholesterol Clarity and Keto Clarity. To tie both books together, Jimmy paired up with nutritionist, Maria Emmerich, to create 150+  low carb recipes. Jimmy gives Matt and Grace an inside look into the book and some basics on approaching a ketogenic diet. Enjoy the show!


Show Notes

  • Keith Bell

    Great hour, as always. The ketogenic diet community has operated under a sterile construct for decades with very few hints in medical literature as to how it shifts flora in the right direction. Mechanism is hardly a simple matter of raising ketones as some studies report lowered ketones over time on the diet, yet the diet remains protective. High-fat, low carb appears to raise Bacteroides while lowering Clostridia and Proteobacteria.

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Great thoughts! Thanks Keith

  • Samantha Rodes

    Dear Grace,

    Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve spoken with you. I’m the one with chronic constipation. I remember co-responding with you a few months back about my issues. (I’m going to copy and paste this in a comment in case my stubborn email never makes it through).

    I’ve learned more about the gut, and experimented around with different probiotics.

    I think one that had somehwat of an effect with the constipation was Renew Life’s Bifido Max. The only catch to this one was that:

    One, it made me really, REALLY thirsty.

    Two, it makes my skin breakout. Mainly around the chin/jaw lines/lower cheeks. Herxheimer? I took it for a month.

    Three, not only do I get thirsty, I get anxious and my heart rate goes up. What gives?!

    I’ve also tried Garden of Life’s Raw Probiotics; had to forgo them though as they contain dairy and were also breaking me out. I tried Natren’s Healthy Trinity, which semi-helped, but I believe it lacked a big punch! to my constipation; just helped a tad with gas and bloating.

    I’ve taken Mega Spore, and really saw no effects. No changes. It was like filler. But I SO, SO want to love it.

    Currently, I am on day 2 of a new probiotic that I want your opinion on, because as of now it’s scaring the heck out of me in terms of results.

    It’s called FloraTrex and can only be purchased at GlobalHealingCenter. It contains 3 strains that I wonder might be linked to the symptoms I’ll share (Pediococcus Acidilacti, Streptococcus Thermophilus, and Brevibacillus Lterosporus). I took the probiotic with 1 tbs of accacia fiber and 1 teaspoon of Inulin for prebiotics on night 1. The following morning, my bowels were like boulders. I had to go AGAIN a couple hours later and released more. They were hard, solid, and difficult to pass. Today, day two, I can hardly pass anything. I FEEL cramps and incomplete evacuation. And I’ve tried taking CALM magnesium, which helps a little, but not much. My chronic constipation is still a problem. Bifido Max helped a little, and I’d go back if only it wouldn’t cause my breakouts.

    I’m tempted to switch to a d-lactate free probiotic called GutPro or use Dr. Ohhira’s formula (the higher formula that’s fermented longer), as I like that it has been studied and tested and combines pre and pro-biotics. Another option is to go back and try Prescript Assist or, for shits and giggles (pun), try one that I swear is almost the exact formulation, Probiotics+ by nutritionist Kimberly Snyder (look up the ingredients!) just for research purposes. I’m also realizing that I have a motility issue that no amount of meditation and vagus nerve exercises is going to improve.

    Magnesium has been a lifesaver, but I wonder if a) There is a superior source to CALM that actually supports bowel regularity AND absorption- maybe my body needs to actually ABSORB and USE some of it to help? OR b) It’s doing more harm than good if I’m so dependent on it at this rate.

    Another thing I want to mention is ‘floppy colon’. My younger sister mentioned that she got an MRI and was told she had a floppy colon. I’m wondering if I have it, too, although I eliminate more than my sister does, that’s for sure. If so, how does one overcome a floppy colon without drugs?

    I also want to mention that I’ve had to resort to digital defaction at certain points; it’s a technique a NURSE taught me in my teens when I went to the hospital for dehydration from a stomach flu. Since then, it’s also been something to help out. I’m currently saving up to pay for biofeedback/physical therapy to retrain my rectal muscles/pelvic floor to rule that as a possibility.

    OK, hope this helps, and I so, so can’t wait to hear from you again!

    • sarah

      Hi Samantha! I don’t have a lot of advice or anything, but I wanted to mention a blogger I have read who has a lot of constipation issues that might have some insight for you: http://thehomeschoolingdoctor.com/ I am guessing Grace will also suggest gut biome testing to get a better sense of what is going on instead of just randomly trying different probiotics.

      Re: magnesium, you might want to add in some magnesium glycinate or another highly absorbable form–it wouldn’t help as a short-term laxative, but worth trying. Or a magnesium bath or spray to get it directly in your skin.

      Another thought I have is Mayan Abdominal Massage. It could help directly with motility issues, but it also could give you a better sense of what is going on structurally with your body so you could know what might help in the long term.

      • Samantha Rodes

        Hey! Thank you for your input (really appreciate it- I’m open to exploring things outside of the toilet- er, box, shall we say!).
        I’m currently studying to become a nutrition coach and have a small part time job. With whatever I earn, I usually can afford to buy supplements and food and course materials, but not enough to cover expensive tests and doctor appointments (I have horrible insurance that only covers not so like minded doctors in my area).
        Magnesium- I was just musing about this today. If, and I do say IF, some (if not, THE) cause of the constipation is low/poor, magnesium intake (I exclude grains from my diet as I’ve found they cause some pain and blood sugar spikes for me), then citrate from CALM might not be doing my body any favors if I can barely absorb whatever it is I am ingesting. Would the glycinate work to regulate motility as well as deficiencies? It’s just something I’ve been musing over. I do have a spray, but boy does it sting like mad!
        I perform an abdominal massage on a daily basis, about three times- morning afternoon and before bed.
        I feel the concentration or ‘heaviness’ in the lower left section of my gut/colon (ie, MY left, not yours if you were to look at me).
        When I go to lift weights at the gym, I sometimes place a dumbbell (10-15 pounds) over that area, and when I take it off, I feel this strange ‘cooling’ sensation. It’s so freaky. Not sure if that is pressure or blood rushing back to it.

        • sarah

          That’s great you are studying to be a health coach! What school? I will be done with my nutrition program at MUIH in… a few weeks *insert abject fear of the future here.* I agree about paying for testing–one of my teachers mentioned wishing cover integrative testing for all students, so we can learn from our own guts, nutrient depletions, etc.

          Anyways, it sounds like you are on a great path with learning about your body and trying new things… good luck! One of the things I am trying to focus on is being accepting of the fact that I do not currently have “perfect health” and not beating myself up for not being at the end of my journey yet.

          • Samantha Rodes

            Institute of Transformational Nutrition. I totally relate to you when it comes to graduation! ahh
            I’ve tried a ton, and healed a ton, but I’m still learning.
            Diet-wise, for instance, I’ve gone from years and years of SAD to ‘diet-cult’-endorsed ‘optimal’ eating (from birth to about age 15) to vegan (age 16-19) and paleo (20-present-21). Paleo has helped the most. I’ve cut back a ton on carbs, but they make up the bulk (not calorie, though) of my diet (although I no longer count). Outside of gut issues, it has gotten rid of even more acne I used to suffer with. I used to get cold all of the time, and now, hardly ever, although I am still susceptible to it being that I am naturally thin. But I also used to get sick all of the time, had zero energy at times and blood sugar crashes, and hair that just wouldn’t grow. My gut problems are the main things I’m trying to get over.

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


            Are you doing ITN? You’ll be a great practitioner with your experience and indepth knowledge!!

          • Samantha Rodes

            Yes! I’m still learning about what goes on in my own body too. Ahh. Would be so great to skype or chat with you. Book is coming along nicely.

          • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

            Welcome Doc Sarah!

            I haven’t heard of the MUIH program! How do you like it! WOuld love to hear how your testing turns out. Please don’t hesitate to contact me (above ‘contact’ link) soon!

          • sarah

            Hi! It used to be called Tai Sophia, but now we are the Maryland University of Integrative Health to be more fancy. It’s not a perfect program and there is always more to learn, but I feel like I have a great basis for helping people eat healthier and feel better. Especially compared to the other nutrition programs I considered! I’m especially grateful for my statistics and research classes where I learned how to interpret data first-hand and be a creative thinker. Speaking of which, I should stop procrastinating on blogs and finish my last assignments 🙂

            I feel like the trickiest part as a nutritionist is the thin line between practicing functional medicine and practicing nutrition–for example I probably know more about SIBO than most doctors, but I also want to be honest about my limits. So hopefully some day I will find the perfect doctors and herbalists to share my practice with!

  • John D

    Hi Grace,

    I was taking the bionic fiber for a few months and in the last few weeks I seemed to develop an intolerance to Acacia (non-stop gas for hours). Even worse, I seem to be reacting to other gums, such as Xanthan and Guar. These gums are used in practically everything. Is there any way I can reverse this intolerance?

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      John D,
      Oh that is not good! How is FODMAP/food/fiber tolerances?

      It sounds like you have some incredible intolerances and perhaps gut permeability. What testing have you done? Does your gut parasites or severe yeast/bacterial overgrowths?

      • John D

        Well I should have mentioned that I have Crohn’s (diagnosed in 2003) and then tried to cure it through an Anti-MAP antibiotic protocol in 2009. That triggered Celiac (just my luck). The Crohn’s seems to be okay now, but I keep developing food intolerances (eggs, olive oil, milk, stevia, and now the gums).

        In the last few months, I’ve taken a few courses of Elixa and Prescript Assist without any noticeable improvement. I’m taking Lactoferrin right now for biofilms, but it doesn’t seem to be helping either. I don’t have any problems with fruits or veggies and am taking psyllium right now without any issues. I haven’t bothered trying inulin for fear that it will bring on more symptoms.

        I will be taking a sample for uBiome this weekend.Is there any hope for me?

        • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

          No none John D… lol ahah OF COURSE IMMENSE HOPE!

          Sorry to hear about inducing autoimmunity, Celiac, post-antibiotics. I hear that a ton. Really gut testing should be done before and after antibiotics are given.

          Consider avoiding VSL and Elixa or products with high Streptococcus. Often Strep flares after antibiotics and when gut symbionts are loss, which protect the mucosa barriers. I have noticed a lot of interactions after strep-containing probiotics. We have BIFIDO|MAXIMUS which is strep and enterococcus free and helps to support rebuilding the mucosa microbiota.

          Consider a functional medicine consult. My practice will have openings in January.

  • edward belschner

    Howdy :0 like to see Jimmy put up a recent ubiome so you can talk about it………

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Perhaps someday he will share 😉 and hopefully someday it will be as impressive as his negative calcium coronary score and blood lipids