Sometimes when we are experiencing weird symptoms we think we are the only ones. Could it be the medication? Or a new supplement?  With Aaron Blaisdell’s newest project, HealthCrowds, he hopes to eliminate some of the doubt. This episode of the Gut Guardians Podcast, Aaron Blaisdell, Ph.D. Professor at UCLA, shares his new site HealthCrowds and how it can change the game when it comes to self health hacking.

HealthCrowds is “is intended to provide an online, searchable database that aggregates the experiences of many users on a wide array of lifestyle manipulations including the effect of different diets, supplements, lifestyle activities and drugs. Its focus is on the effect of these manipulations on general health and also particular health ailments. Our mission is to provide a platform for individuals to search among a diverse and dynamic collection of individual data stored in the database that is continually growing and expanding in scope and depth.”

Be sure to check out HealthCrowds and add to the ever growing database!


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