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Beat Fatigue Now


Robin Treasure and Grace Liu

Thursday March 17th, 12 PST, 3PM EST

 Regain Vitality and Energy!

Overcome Fatigue Naturally!

During this LIVE webinar, you will learn how to…

Use 10 Energy Boosting Strategies
Develop the Inner Game for Stress Resilience
Eliminate the Afternoon Energy Slump
Overcome Agitation, Anxiety and Depression


•  Sugar crash and need a Starbucks triple Frapp by 2pm?

• Can’t get out of bed, despite 10 hours sleep?

• Tired but wired every night?

• Hot flashes in the middle of important meetings?



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We would love to review your unique survey outcomes to give you customized tips during the webinar for $47

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Dr Grace, PharmD



  • Clément Demaria

    Hello Grace.
    I have trouble eating enough not to loose too much weight but I’m also starting a “weeding” phase with caprylic acid then aloe juice and colloidal silver and taking a complex of Lacto and Bifido at night. Would a carbs-rich bedtime snack be detrimental to my gut healing and interfer with the effects of the treatment?
    I have severe bloating everytime I eat something fermentable at the moment, should I stay low FODMAP in the kill phase to minimize symptoms or should I still consume fermentable fibers right away? Thanks a lot!

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess


      Thanks for your comment. Weeding should be done targeted and with rest periods (to allow the cysts, spores and hibernating yeasts to bloom) so I never do it continuously which breeds resistant strains. Most weeding agents will kill off good bifido/lacto and protective human Clostridial strains. You really do not want that. Silver is broad spectrum like antibiotics in my experience. It is good that its anti fungal in a different way than caprylic but too much silver IMO is damaging to the microbiota and thus the mucosa.

      If you are intolerant of FODMAPS than you have quite significant loss and extinction of good flora like the mucosa populations of bifido/lacto! Have you considered the Ultra BIFIDO|MAXIMUS which has many of the strains found to be protective of the mucosa barrier? They help to digest FODMAPS, gluten, dairy and other common food allergens

      • Clément Demaria

        Thanks a lot for your precious answer!

        My doc wants to rotate caprylic acid and colloidal silver, and only use them for 2 months. Would that be that damaging?

        Very interesting about FODMAPS, I do have an undetectable lacto count so that’s probably why. I might try the Ultra BIFIDO|MAXIMUS but unfortunately it is quite expensive considering my budget. But maybe I’ll need it. Either way, do you think I should restrict FODMAPS until I have the strains to tolerate them again or do you think restricting them will only make matters worse? That’s the most important question I have. Should I wait until I killed the excess gram-negative bacterias and repopulated with at least a bit of good strains before eating FODMAPS so I avoid feeding the bad bacterias in the meantime?

        Thank you for everything

        • Lucas

          Ughhh, This is what I want to know!