New podcast with the premier royalty of Paleo Land: ROBB WOLF Episode 316 All About Gut Health


DESCRIPTION On this episode we have guest Grace Liu (of Animal Pharm and The Gut Institute fame). Grace is a Jedi of gut health, and one of the most knowledgeable people on the topic that we know. Listen as we geek out a bit, talk about all things gut related, and even delve a little into some of what she does with her functional medicine patients. Whether you’re a beginner or expert on gut health, I promise there will be a lot of interesting material here for you.

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Guest: Grace Liu (PharmD, AFMCP) (old site)

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A couple of the products discussed on the show:
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  • Taylor Cantril

    Hi Grace, do you have any guidelines for whole food, prebiotic, and probiotic regimens that tend to work well for keto diet-ers? I see your bionic fiber protocols and long list of prebiotic and probiotic possibilities and your point that you really have to test your urine/stool to know where you’re starting. But I wonder if you or others have seen patterns emerging for very-low-carbers in particular. I notice immediate benefits in regularity, consistency, etc from cooked and cooled starches but they are pretty much all out-of-bounds for my upcoming keto experiment because of the high digestible carb contents. Seems like the remaining options are (assuming you have the microbiota to handle it) a baseline of mixed prebiotic supplements and a careful selection of low carb high-prebiotic veggies. Since I’m in Northern Thailand, I’ll be looking at some non-mainstream rice and tuber varieties that I can cook and cool and follow up with BG/ketone testing, but wanted to ask ahead for a bit of your expertise!

    • DrGracePharmD-Gut_Goddess

      Taylor ~

      That’s a great question — sounds like your gut flora has preference for the starches in ancestrally prepared foods and starches. You will likely temporarily lose these according to several studies during a low carb experiment but typically they should resurrect with reverting back to a normal diet, unless you take antibiotics or things with antibiotic like damaging effects (potato starch, high sugar, etc). Some of these gut flora eat bionic fiber and using a blend 10-20 grams daily may protect these delicate populations imo

      Ancestrally many starches were actually fermented and this causes starch to become a fiber/prebiotic. If you test your sugars, by emulating a higher vinegar/acetic acid diet, you’ll find the sugars will remain stable. Consider adding 1 TBS Braggs to warm water and sip during meal.

      I’d love to hear more about your experiment and BG

  • abbykadi

    Hi Grace – quick question for you: does it get easier with the inulin? I can do psyllium and acacia but the inulin is causing a lot of stinky gas and bloating. I’m starting uber small too – less than 1/8th of a tsp. Thank you so much for all the info you put out. I totally stripped my gut down to nothing (dx as a “sick gut” by my highly UNqualified doc) with keto diet and several rounds of cipro antibx. I have gradually started working back in many of the items you mention in your 7 steps to cure SIBO article and thankfully, I’m finding my way back when no other doc/practitioner knew what to do with me. I shudder at how much money I have spent with no resolution. Much appreciated what you share here!