Part 2: Methods to Detox on the Detox Project Summit

The beneficial gut flora in your amazing gut microbiome help you to detoxify arsenic, mercury and even pesticides

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I speak the other day on Part 2 Methods to Detoxify with Niki Gratrix and other fantastic speakers Brian Mowll

Our favorite toolboxes for the microbiome — these help to re-establish the ABCs after gut damage (high sugar diets, low fiber diets, antibiotics, raw starches, stressors)

Recently I got a question from a listener Missy ‘N’:

Q: I have had considerable health problems post lyme treatment that I believe replenishing my microbiome will improve.

Dr Grace has written ( and there are numerous articles on the importance of Ruminococcus bromii which has been shown to be missing in 25% of humabns who have had antibiotic treatment.

A: Have you done uBIOME or Genova GI fx stool testing? Yes R. bromii is a keystone and part of the ‘C’ Clostridiales and vital for gut protection.

In these gut tests from Genova GIfx and uBiome, you can ‘see’ or identify Ruminococcus (genera) and Ruminococcus bromii (species) and the quantity (precise quantity via qPCR or relative %, respectively. R. bromii will re-establish when the acetate and lactate producers are present. It makes butyrate from acetate and lactate

The acetate and lactate producers are known as the ABCs — watch the below video. I’ll be talking about them in the upcoming book

Ancient Apothecary: Frankincense & Myrrh to Mend the Modern Broken Microbiome

What are your ABCs of the microbiota?

Which groups and individual beneficial gut bacteria do you have? Which are missing?

Case study and nutrigenomics

How to modulate the fungi, phages, viruses, biofilms and bacteria of your gut

Ancestral Health Symposium 2016, Boulder CO


Athlete Gut Microbiomes

Dig into the athlete gut microbiomes we have interviewed or who shared their gut testing:

Kyle Kingsbury, former MMA fighter, BJJ black belt (slides PFx16 included) has many ABCs but 

was missing Bifidobacterium longum; after taking Ultra Potent BIFIDO|MAXIMUS probiotic, he 

regained the ability to digest gluten. We hear this all the time!

Eli Markstrom Elite Spartan Warrior athlete

  • Pre, missing some ABCs
  • Post, more ABCs present after intervention

Tony Federico, Paleo Mag, athlete, has all the ABCs 

Christopher Kelly, #1 Santa Cruz region mountain cyclist rocks gut testing

Dr Jonathan Chung DC, Crossfit athlete and has all the ABCs