Flu Season: What We Do At My Household

To be bionic against viral illnesses and the common influenza virus, you need a good gut microbiome and immunity. Being deprived of sleep, not exercising and having a poor microbiome not only lead to suboptimal immunity but higher susceptibility to colds and viruses during the flu season. At The Gut Institute, we hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends! I am super grateful that 2016 has been such an amazing year and full of exciting projects and new friends and colleagues. 

As you enjoy all the holiday joy and abundance, if you brought home more than just gifts and mirth and little fatigue and fun viruses, then don’t fret! I’ll share what we do in our household to keep sore throats, flu and colds at bay.

For a moderate to severe viral illness or influenza viral syndrome (muscle aches, fever, feel ‘awful like a truck ran you over’), I use one of 2 different homeopathic remedies: Gripp-Heel or Oscillococcinum.  My friend Dana Ullman MPH is a wonderful educator and instructor for evidence based homeopathy and has an awesome column at HuffPo. One of my favorite pieces is ‘The Facts on Why Fever is Your Friend‘.  We have a family medicine kit which also has wonderful treatments for tummy upset (belladonna), nausea (nux vomica), bee stings (apis), wound healing (calendula) and many others. Dana has some awesome medicine kits.

Additionally to support immunity, probiotics such as our Ultra BIFIDO|MAXIMUSPrescript Assist (29 strain symbiotic) and Equilibrium (115 strain) are awesome to maintain health and gut diversity. What helps our family and my MMA fighters who have grueling schedules and intensive camps are plant botanicals such as the liquid extract Initial Defense from Kan Herbals. Initial Defense is an ancient formula used for over 200 years and combines the power of two of the most healing flowers on earth, chrysanthemum and honeysuckle. I find those who do really well on it are those with agitation or anxiety because these involve disrupted lung and gut microbiomes.

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  • Darlene

    This is helpful information — I’ve never heard of Initial Defense. I’ll have to check that out. Also, I’ve tried twice to use the contact field to get in touch with Dr. Grace and hear more about how she works directly with clients to restore gut health (via testing and treatment). I haven’t heard anything back either time. Is that something she’s still doing?