Introducing the Group Gut Class

Blast Brain Fog, Fatigue and Body Fat

Register Before March 16th and Receive a Complimentary Bottle of Ultra BIFIDO|MAXIMUS Probiotic ($120 Value) THE BEST PROBIOTIC TO RE-SEED YOUR DAMAGED GUT!




In the 4 Month Class Series, you’ll learn:

  • How To Create Calm and Serenity in Your Belly, Butt and Microbiome – FINALLY arrest havoc in your gut so that you can expand your diet and eat allergenic foods again like FODMAPS, fiber, gluten and dairy with NO FEAR!
  • The #3 Biggest Mistakes in gut health now – and how to avoid them.
  • How to stay out of brain fog, fatigue and body fat challenges FOREVER by focusing on your unique microbiome, adrenal/hormone axis, and missing microbial allies.
  • One of the most important Stealth Strategies I use with all of my advanced, elite clients.
  • My basic CUSTOMIZED protocols for your UNIQUE gut health – use these for the best gut results now and forever. There is no universal gut ‘cure’. Personalized prescriptions will be provided for you.
  • How to eat, drink, play in different phases and stages – and turn on the best genetic expression in your gut, adrenals/hormones and brain.
  • Tips, Tricks, Tight Abs, Flat Belly, Endless Energy and Brain Clarity. All Yours Now!
  • Class Meets Twice Every Month
  • 8 Classes and Live Q&A With Dr. Grace, PharmD

*The class will be recorded so even those working or busy who cannot attend will have access later


$2997 Value for ONLY $997


Sign Up Before March 16th and Receive a Complimentary Bottle of Ultra BIFIDO|MAXIMUS Probiotic ($120 Value) THE BEST PROBIOTIC TO RE-SEED YOUR DAMAGED GUT!

“Every person has a unique terrain to be mapped, a resilient, yet sensitive ecology to be maintained. Chinese herbal formulas can minimize the erosion of our soil by enriching it, maximize the flow of nutrients by supporting circulation, and avoiding stagnation. By preventing depletion and stagnation from ensuing, future disharmonies are avoided.” –Lao Zi



“Gained my old sexy abs”
“Many benefits I have seen working with Dr Grace: I only lost one pound on the scale but I lost a very ‘puffy’ face and gained my old sexy abs. I used to be a fitness competitor. On my last vacation to Europe, for the first time I wore a bikini in a long while. Thank you so much Dr Grace! I track a lot of numbers. Overall, I lost ½ inch and feel and look better and now can digest solid foods again. My sinus congestion is pretty much gone on her protocols. Earlier my bloating was a “12!!” on a scale from 1-10. Now I can eat gluten again. I had pita bread, garlic toast and ALL FINE. This was a big surprise but not for Dr Grace.” (TW, NV)


“My excellent blood work is a testament to your abilities”


“UNHEARD OF results”
“GRACE LIU STOOLS = no smell … I have worked with Grace for 9 months, and she has helped me in this short period of time identify and fix multiple health issues that regular doctor could not identify. Most importantly, I have as a result of her direction, reversed my coronary artery disease measurably (11% Coronary Artery Calcium Score regression) – something my cardiologist told me is “unheard of”. My body composition keeps getting better (8% now from 12-15%), joints, body, muscle, athletics no complaints continued unexpected improvement – doing the same or less workout. My core body temperatures have improved from 97.1 to 98.6 F. My free Testosterone has improved from 9.7 to 11.6 and SHBG dropped in HALF.” (PK, NY)


“My stomach is flattening”
“My head, deep cystic acne and depression are a lot better which I think are related diet and the protocol and probiotics from Dr Grace. I am 37 years old and have been struggling with these issues for the last 20 years. My stomach is gradually flattening. Less stomach gurgle and gas now. If I overload on gluten, pizza, breadsticks, dip and chips, I definitely notice I recover in less and less time each time.” (PK, Oregon)


“My cancer biomarkers improved from red to ALL GREEN”
“I will say my energy seems good. My white cell count (WBC) has normalized for the first time in 3 years since chemotherapy and radiation for breast and Stage 1 ovarian cancer. My cancer biomarkers 8OHdG, glutathione and pro-carcinogenic estrogen 4OH1 and 16OH1 ratios are all improved from ‘red’ or ‘yellow’ bad zones to now ALL GREEN. Working with Grace and her protocols, I have noticed all my back acne and PMS quickly disappeared. I am so grateful for her kindness and generosity of time.” (KR, San Jose CA)


“I am so pleased with my new body and life style”
“I’m a 45 year male and for years had difficulty gaining muscle mass and low HDL cholesterol and elevated liver function tests. I was stuck, I was doing ketosis and successfully lost 30 lbs (from 230 to 200 lbs), which had worked for me previously, but I stopped losing weight and I felt horrible. I read Dr. Grace’s work on the bionic fiber protocol online at Two months ago, I changed my diet and added in more protein fruits and vegetables and lowered saturated fat (Whole30 style) and added in the Bionic Fiber protocol and the ultra potent Bifido|Maximus probiotic. I used two bottles of ultra BIFIDO|MAXIMUS and feel better than ever. My liver test ALT went from 60 to 17 in two months and I lost 20 pounds (200 to 180 lbs). I am so pleased with my new body and life style. On stool testing, I had NO Bifidobacteria longum and almost zero Akkermansia. Dr Grace’s probiotic contains Bifidobacteria longum and her prebiotic bionic fiber blend raises both Bifidobacteria longum and Akkermansia.” (BM, Pleasanton CA)


$2997 Value for ONLY $997


Sign Up Before March 16th and Receive a Complimentary Bottle of Ultra BIFIDO|MAXIMUS Probiotic ($120 Value) THE BEST PROBIOTIC TO RE-SEED YOUR DAMAGED GUT!