Maximize Your Microbiome By Seeding Your Gut Well

Some of my favorite tools to replenish and re-seed the gut are available at your fingertips. Give yourself the gift of realizing the full potential of your gut microbiome by reseeding what has been lost over the last decade or over your lifetime from antibiotics, formula, C-section, poor high sugar-refined food diets and low fiber-prebiotic diets!

Buy the Maximize Your Microbiome Kit (ULTRA BIFIDO|MAXIMUS + environmental-based 115 strains EQUILIBRIUM), then receive one bottle Floraphage as a complimentary gift. This is a great way to start the Spring and begin your GI tract journey!  These probiotics and prebiotics help to buffer against the ravages of modern living, stress, gluten/dairy and other gut disrupting factors. The combination is the key because the synergy within the ecosystem power and regulate our unique and special human immune system which is 80-90% housed in the intestines.

Bifidobacteria longum is keystone human gut flora associated with diversity and abundance in healthy human controls, disease-free controls, centenarians and other long lived subjects. It is not found naturally in food or the environmental. There are 2 kinds of bifidobacteria: prebiotic-eating and starch-eating. In obesity, Metabolic Syndrome (high blood glucoses), autoimmune disorders and chronic inflammatory cases, diversity of the gut microbiome is low and an overpopulation of starch-eating Bifidobacteria can occur. Our ULTRA BIFIDO|MAXIMUS contains Bifidobacteria longum and other supportive bifido and lactobacilli which shift the terrain of your gut to catalyze long lasting health and reversal of fat, fog and fatigue challenges. It comes in 2 sizes: small (50g) and large (100g).

The iApothecary is offering our Maximize Your Microbiome Kit now! Buy a complete gut ecosystem set and receive free Floraphage

Floraphage supports amplification of probiotic growth such as ULTRA BIFIDO|MAXIMUS by an estimated 50X fold. Floraphage is a cocktail of 4 naturally occurring, beneficial phages which target pathogenic E. coli (Gamma Proteobacteria). Phages are found every in nature, our food and water.  


Benefits of Floraphage Include:

  • Supports amplification of the potency of ULTRA BIFIDO|MAXIMUS
  • Can be taken alone or in combination with our iApothecary probiotics
  • Starts working immediately


Buy the Maximize Your Microbiome Kit now below and receive Floraphage (small bottle) as a complimentary gift!

  •  Purchase of the kit includes free shipping and all of the below:
    • BIFIDO|MAXIMUS (50 grams) Contains the highest potency of Bifidobacterium longum 80 billion per scoop which supports remodeling of sick and dysbiotic modern gut microbiotas. This combination does everything but clean your windows. ULTRA B|M supports optimal gut health, reduction of pathogens, resurrection of vital gut guardians, degradation of toxins (gluten, casein, mycotoxins) and downregulates irritated mast cells from dumping histamine and other internal allergens.
    • EQUILIBRIUM  Contains 1 Billion CFU from 115 strains of ancestral strains.  It is also shelf stable, no refrigeration required, has a delayed release capsules for proper delivery and a small, easy to swallow capsule. Equilibrium is a rain-forest of environmental microbes including beneficial Eubacteria, Enterobacter, and over 115 diverse strains which support revitalization of damaged flora, irritable bowel syndrome, dysbiosis and digestion of gluten/dairy and mycotoxins. The company General Biotics has internal studies showing a correlation of improved happiness and mood with Equilibrium. The Gut Institute also has countless stories of sustained optimism, improved mood, reports of ‘suddenly I am feel so happy’ with use of Equilibrium and BIFIDO|MAXIMUS in less than 2-4 weeks.
    • Floraphage FREE   Targets toxic E coli pathogens commonly found in the gut. Adds amplification of Ultra BIFIDO|MAXIMUS probiotic growth by an estimated 50X fold. Floraphage is a cocktail of 4 naturally occurring, beneficial phages which help support elimination of pathogenic E. coli (Gamma Proteobacteria). Phages are found naturally every in nature, our food and water.


The iApothecary is offering our Maximize Your Microbiome Kit now! Buy a complete gut ecosystem set and receive free Floraphage!

Read more about these gut ecosystems at Enviromedica. “Newly Extinct Gut Flora! 3 Forgotten ‘Nutrients’” a short piece I wrote about my gratitude for the gut and about Bacteroides one of the most absent and missing gut strains which protect our longevity, leanness and overall health.

What Are Foundational Flora For Humans?

The foundational flora form the ‘brakes’ on pathogen invasion which inevitably each animal, insect or fish on Earth encounters in daily living. Opportunistic members attempt to colonize our mucosal membranes and intestinal tract, attempting to gain entry and cause disease. Imagine your Tesla or Prius was missing ¼ or ⅓ of the braking system. How would you fare driving down a curvy hill or on a busy street? If your brakes were broken, you would certainly get them fixed in a hurry. The same care should be taken for your foundational flora.

Unlike environmental or soil microbiomes which have 60-70 different phyla of bacteria, over 95% of the healthy human microbiota is composed of only 3 selective, human specialist phyla: Bacteroidetes, Firmicutes, and Actinobacteria. Actinobacteria are generally the lowest percent in the gut and Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes share a split of about 40/60 to 20/80. Studies that compare healthy human subjects with disease-bearing subjects provide the best clues to the composition of the foundational flora in humans.8, 9 In 2009, Julien Tap and his colleagues produced one of the best summaries of the intestinal phylogenetic core microbiota by studying the flora in 17 healthy omnivores and vegetarians from France and Netherlands. 66 dominant strains were found to be in the core of nearly all healthy microbiotas. The eight most prevalent species groupings (OTUs) were: Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, Bacteroides vulgatus, Roseburia intestinalis, Ruminococcus bromii, Eubacterium rectale, Coprobacillus, Alistipes putredinis, and Bifidobacterium longum.


Bacteroidetes has several main classes of Gram negative bacteria including the largest, Bacteroides, which ferment an enormous repertoire of complex plant fiber, carbohydrates, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides of both food and mucus side chains. They are commonly found in animals, environment, oceans, and soil. Predominantly Bacteroidetes are disease protective. Bacteroides is found low or depleted in nearly all the diseases of Western civilization.


Actinobacteria contains Gram positive Bifidobacteria, environmental and some skin related flora. This grouping experiences the greatest disruption after Cesarean section surgery. Instead of being blanketed with Mother’s Bifidobacterium and Bacteroides after vaginal birth, the gut microbiota of C section babies are colonized by Corynebacterium and Propionibacterium (from Actinobacteria) from sources such as skin flora of health care workers, hospital surfaces and mom and dad’s skin.10Staphylococcus and Clostridium difficile hitchhike their way into baby too.



May your health be as magnificent as your microbes and get ready for bikini bods for Summer 2017!


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