UNLOCK the 3 BEST game-changing protocols created by Dr Grace PharmD over 20+ years of clinical practice. These protocols UPLEVEL wellness in 6 weeks or less!


(1) HPAT Adrenal Protocol Addresses the drains on the adrenal gland by modern lifestyles, gut dysbiosis and toxins in our environment without any or little stimulants (licorice, bupleurum, citrus peel derivatives, etc). Brings about balance, energy and desirable endurance again gently and harmoniously

(2) Probiotic Parade Addresses the "bankrupties" of dysbiotic gut microbiomes. The typical depletions are the 3 most protective flora in healthy biomes: "A" for Akkermansia mucinophila. "B" for Bifidobacteria and "C" for butyrate-producing Clostridiales. The Probiotic Parade restores all 3 of these large protectice groups and by doing so immunity, food allergy tolerance (gluten/dairy/mold/histamines) and gut health all resurrect and restore fully. This is one of the most popular healing protocols and should be considered for anyone who has taking antibiotics, pharmaceuticals (birth control), or suffers from a chronic condition (skin condition, autoimmunity, co-infections, cancer, heart disease, insulin resistance, obesity etc)

(3) Gut Reset Protocol Addresses the above major bankrupty of the gut for those suffering from calcifications (fibrosis, stones, cysts, PCOS, infertility, CKD, CAD, MetSyn, T2D, etc), allergies, histamine-related issues, skin and gut disorders and any antibiotic, radiation, chemotherapy or loss of healthy gut flora. The Gut Reset Protocol gradually titrates up the histamine-free and D-lactate-free flora which are missing at the protective mucosa lining. These flora are powerfully oxalate-degrading as well. They are missing studies show after antibiotics or major stressors (mental stress, endurance training). Restoration of the protective flora occurs as the dosage increases to 700+ billion CFU daily. In many ways, the Gut Reset Protocol is a "curated synthetic FMT: fecal microbiota transplant" because it reaches ultra high potency that is healing for the gut (but no fecal matter is used at all !