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Medical Peptides for the Microbiome

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Welcome to Medical Peptides for the Microbiome!!!

Get up to 2 CPD Credits!*

In this educational course we will cover the following.

1. Review medical peptides and their classification within hormones

2. Understand the influence of medical peptide therapy on regeneration
3. What are the indications, safety, efficacy, potential adverse effects,
contraindications, monitoring, routes of administration and dosages of
Body Compound Peptide 157 (BCP 157) Thymosin Beta-4 (TB4)?

4. Identify physiological systems where BPC 157 and TB4 have been show to
have regenerative effects

5. Define TB4 and BPC 157 and their qualities, respectively

6. List and review existing microbiome studies using these 2 medical peptides?

7. How can medical peptides be best utilized in clinical practice to support
wellness and microbiome health?

* CPD certificate issued upon completion of course.