• Exxxtra Gut Diversity Bundle

Exxxtra Gut Diversity Bundle

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The Exxxtra Gut Diversity Bundle is a meticulously curated selection of four supplements, each uniquely designed to enhance gut health and diversity. This comprehensive package includes Terraflora Broad Spectrum Synbiotic, Trenev Trio Oil Matrix, Ultra Binder, Toxin-Binder, and ProTren® Bifidonate Dairy Free Capsules, offering a full spectrum of gut health support.

1. Terraflora Broad Spectrum Synbiotic:

  • Key Features: Combines spore-form probiotics and advanced prebiotics, targeting robust gastrointestinal health.
  • Unique Strains: Features Ribospore™ (Bacillus pumilus) and Bacillus megaterium EM144™, producing bioavailable antioxidants and riboflavin directly in the gut.
  • Viability and Shelf Stability: Spore-based, resistant to stomach acid, ensuring live bacteria reach the lower GI tract. No refrigeration required.
  • Prebiotic Support: Includes organic seaweeds, mushroom extracts, and humic acid for a diverse prebiotic complex.
  • Antioxidant Production: Generates essential nutrients like riboflavin and carotenoids in the GI tract.
  • Dosage: 1-2 capsules daily.

2. Trenev Trio Oil Matrix:

  • Potent Probiotic Blend: Contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus.
  • Health Benefits: Supports digestive health, regularity, lactose metabolism, and B vitamin production.
  • Unique Delivery: Utilizes a 3-in-1 oil matrix system within a gelatin capsule for optimal bacterial viability.
  • Dosage: One capsule daily with meals.

3. Ultra Binder, Toxin-Binder:

  • Broad-spectrum Binder: A mix of zeolite, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, chitosan, and a proprietary mercury-binding complex for detoxification.
  • Supports Gut Health: Aids in normalizing gut function and flora and safely binds a wide range of toxins.
  • Additional Benefits: Contains acacia gum and aloe vera for gut lining support and regularity.
  • Dosage: 1 teaspoon per serving.

4. ProTren® Bifidonate Dairy Free Capsules:

  • Focused on Bifidobacteria: Emphasizes Bifidobacterium bifidum for overall intestinal health.
  • Supports Digestion: Aids in digestion, absorption, and production of B vitamins.
  • Colon Health: Assists in maintaining a healthy colon and repopulating essential bacteria.
  • Dosage: Recommended for adults and children over two years.

Overall Benefits of the Bundle:

  • Comprehensive Gut Health Support: Offers a full range of probiotics, prebiotics, and toxin binders for a healthy gut ecosystem.
  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption and Production: Promotes the production of essential nutrients and supports effective digestion.
  • Diverse Microbial Support: The variety of strains and prebiotics helps maintain a balanced and diverse gut microbiome.
  • Detoxification and Gut Lining Protection: The inclusion of binders and soothing agents supports detox processes and the integrity of the gut lining.

This bundle is ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their gut health comprehensively, addressing various aspects from microbial diversity to toxin removal and nutrient absorption. It's suitable for those aiming to maintain a healthy digestive system and overall well-being.