• VIP 1:1 Program with Dr. Grace PharmD

VIP 1:1 Program with Dr. Grace PharmD

  • $ 12,800.00
  • $ 25,000.00

The most comprehensive program to go through four state-of-the-art phases of healing of hormones, rhythms, peptides, probiotics, and evidence-based gut protocols.

This includes 1 consultation with Dr. Grace PharmD monthly

Monthly group coaching with health coach

Program check-ins with crew members every 2 weeks

We achieve optimized performance for cognition, brain alertness, mood, physical recovery and athletic gains.

We help to support rapid recovery in generally 6 months or less autoimmunity, mold, MCAS (mast cell), hormone optimization, infertility, female hormone imbalances (PCOS, estrogen dominance, cysts, fibroids, cancer risk), male low testosterone, male hormone imbalances (male pattern baldness, gynecomastia, estrogen dominance, cancer risk), chronic fatigue, co-infections (viral, spirochete, etc), and gut disorders.

The goals of our intense program is what Dr Grace PharmD calls the 4 Rs:

a) Raw resources - love, abundance, oxygen, oxytocin, vitamins, peptides, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics, fatty acids, SPMs, etc
b) Resurrect the flora (nose to toes LOL! men: tongue to testicles)
c) Restore & reset rhythms (gut/hormones/parasympathetic/oxytocin/peptides/adrenals etc)
d) Root cause(s) (metals? mold? coinfections? other pathogens? emo trauma and integration/processing? food allergies? toxic people allergies? toxic thoughts etc)