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MyMycolab Testing - Mycotoxin Testing

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Mycotoxin Testing

Molds produce toxins known as mycotoxins. Molds are ALWAYS present in homes or workplaces that are water damaged and they are ALWAYS producing mycotoxins. Even small amounts of mold growth in the air conditioning or ducts will result in the occupants being chronically exposed, constantly breathing mold spores and their mycotoxins, resulting in illnesses.

It is well established in medicine and science that exposure to molds and mycotoxins indoors is hazardous, and more so in children and the elderly. How a person reacts to molds and mycotoxins depends on that person’s health status, if they have other health conditions, how long is or was the exposure, the person’s genetic makeup, and the nutritional status of the patient.

1. What does the serum collection testing kit include?

    The Serum Collection Testing Kit comes with the following:

    • A registration form for the patient to fill out and complete instructions for the phlebotomist

    • A test tube mailer box

    • One blood draw tube

    • Serum sample tube

    • A pre-paid return envelope and label.


2. We recommend the following steps: 

   1. Call ahead and ask your doctor if you can have the blood drawn in their office.

    2. Use an online search engine to find a Phlebotomist or Lab near you. You can use the suggestions below:


   3. Schedule an appointment with a phlebotomist and take the Test Kit with you, as well as the TEST REQUEST FORM

     Note that, if you do not have a healthcare practitioner, you do not need to fill that part out in the form.   

    There are instructions for the phlebotomist on the other side of this sheet - ask the phlebotomist to follow the instructions closely for better test results. 


3.  Any special instructions on how to send the Testing Kit back to MYMYCOLAB?

  1. Make sure the serum tube is properly closed and wrapped with the parafilm “M”
  2. Place the serum tube inside the Styrofoam kit box
  3. Put the Styrofoam kit box into the Biohazard Ziplock bag
  4. Fold the Test Request Form and place it in the front pocket of the Biohazard Ziplock bag
  5. Place the bag with the Styrofoam in the cardboard box and ship it to MYMYCOLAB using the return envelope and shipping label provided by MYMYCOLAB