**If Adrenal Survey scores are greater than 2 on either section then learn protocols to improve these and help support health now.  Section A represents adrenaline-dominant dysfunction; Section B, cortisol-dominant dysfunction

Grab your survey questions and take the quiz and see how we asses HPAT-axis and cortisol dysregulation at the Gut Institute

Stressed? What's the significance?

Ongoing stress can trigger an imbalance in anabolic and catabolic hormones. This imbalance can manifest as exhaustion, lack of focus, irritability, low drive, fatigue, and more. The stimulating herbal blend in Dragon Mojo targets stress to support a healthy hormonal balance, igniting superhero-you in the boardroom, the bedroom, and beyond! Whether it’s a busy week at the office, an intense workout, or a global pandemic, stress is the body’s response to a demanding or threatening situation and activates the fight or flight response.

Our modern day stressors aren't typically life or death like our ancestors faced, but they are much more constant and prolonged. Chronic stress can keep your body in fight or flight longer than it was ever intended to be, and this amped-up pace long term can impact your mood, energy, drive, and immunity.

Here at The Gut Institute, we find that managing stress properly is a crucial aspect of healing!

We always start all of our clients with layers of stress and adrenal support to give them the quickest path to healing.

Dragon Mojo is one of our favorite supplements to give to clients to aid in rapid recovery of the gut.

The ingredients in Dragon support resolution of cortisol dysfunction as shown in human trials!

The majority of our clients utilize Dragon Mojo as a part of their programs.

Learn 5 ways to support and improve cortisol dysregulation and intestinal permeability. With Dr Grace PharmD she will teach coaches and clinicians the most rapid way to reduce brain fog, fat and fatigue in 6 months or less with her Gut Institute protocols. HPAT-axis and cortisol dysregulation impair the immune system and cause disease and cancers. Study and learn with Dr Grace at the Microbiome Medicine MM22: Bootcamp now! 

In addition to Dragon Mojo, we recommend a variety of lifestyle changes to support the stress response in the body. Some of these include things such as:

  • Avoid extremes such as hot temperatures such as hot yoga, extreme emotions, intense workouts.

  • Avoid ketosis.

  • Do not skip meals or fast.

  • Introduce stress reduction techniques such as meditation, yoga, prayer etc.

  • Tracking core body temperatures 3-4 times a week before getting out of bed.

We look forward to seeing you at the Microbiome Management 2022 webinar!