What do people think about our services?

After working with Dr. Grace for 6-months I have made a 95% recovery from where I originally started. Right away I noticed a huge difference in my body when starting her protocols, and I could see and feel my digestive system working again, it was so amazing. I had worked with other practitioners in the past, but no one was able to help me to the level Dr. Grace was able to. Before seeing Dr. Grace I could not drink coffee, and there were so many foods such as grains that I had to eliminate from my diet, as my body was so reactive to them. Now 6-months later I am able to add these foods into my diet and enjoy some coffee, it is amazing to enjoy so many foods again. I highly recommend others to work with Dr. Grace as she goes deeper with her protocols than so many programs out there and gets you the results you want to see and feel again.

~ Natasha H., California

Dr. Grace helped me make all of the changes I wanted to make and wish I would have gotten her help decades ago. But I am lucky I found her when I did as she changed my life, mentally and ohysically, as well as helped me get rid of pain and change my BP so my MD could take me off of them over time. I was able to get off BP meds after 20 years and I am not longer suffering with pain in my back or feet. I can walk and sit with no problems. I no longer need back braces or orthotics after 30 years of needing them for pain support. Learning about trauma and health has helped me resolve many health issues. I have learned how to take control of my health naturally and effectively. She explains everything in ways no other medical providers have before.


My life before working with Grace was extremely different and sometimes I think back on it, and I reflect, and I go, “Man, I can't even believe that was me.”And a lot of it just happened in a span of that six months. And I think a lot of things continue to change after that six months as well. I think that poor sleep was the big driver of it. You know, during my whole life, I've struggled with depression. I was on antidepressants since graduate school. What drove me to work with Grace is I wanted to work with a practitioner who operated on a higher level, who had an intense technical background, and who was willing to teach me things that I would not be able to learn anywhere else from another practitioner or a doctor.She coached me on how to use testing and to experiment with supplements, and basically just try things that maybe I wasn't open to before, but I accepted every idea and would just try things and just trust her. She focuses on things like, not just taking pills, but how to change your lifestyle, appreciate, learn to appreciate, learn to love, learn to be grateful for things that you have in your life and be grateful for the gift of life.What my life looks like now is completely different and I think the biggest change that I realized from working with Grace didn't actually happen the next six months. It's actually just happening right now, as for the first time in 18 years, I'm actually almost completely off my antidepressants, and I expect to be completely off them in the next couple of months. This is something that I never thought I could do, but I feel so good. I feel like a human again, I think working with her was probably one of the top investments I've ever made in myself. It didn’t just change me at a chemical level, but it changed me as a person.

~ T.K.