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Biological aging is directly impacted by physiological integrity. Muscle strength, mass, function, quantity, and quality loss are some of the main issues associated with the process of aging. As we age the performance of our muscle cells decline which leads to a weakened immune system, sarcopenia, obesity, and chronic disease among much more. Healthgevity has selected PeptiStrong™, Senactiv® and AstraGin® which are all clinically proven ingredients to put your muscles in the best position to thrive regardless of your age.

In a recent study it was concluded that lower muscle strength in late adolescence showed direct connection with higher risk of chronic disease. As such, skeletal muscle might be the central integrator between sarcopenia, obesity, immune senescence and more in an aging biological system. Preserving muscle mass is critical for optimizing health span.  Research shows the strongest one-third of the population over the age of 60 has a 50% lower death rate than the weakest, making muscle a key predictor of longevity.  Recent discoveries of clinically proven ‘growth promoting’ ingredients have made the process of building and preserving muscle more obtainable. 

PeptiStrong, Senactiv® and AstraGin® work synergistically to target multiple mechanisms, to provide a wide range of benefits in muscle health. 

PeptiStrong™ (Peptides from hydrolyzed fava bean protein)

Through cutting edge Al-precision technology, Nuritas is creating a brand-new category of precision peptide ingredients from nature. Their cell-signaling power helps the body function at its best. Longevity is the first product resulting from Healthgevity's collaboration with Nuritas and contains PeptiStrong™ : precision peptides that have been clinically proven to support muscle health. PeptiStrong can increase muscle synthesis by activating the mTOR, reduce muscle loss by downregulating muscle atrophy related genes and improve muscle health by reducing inflammation properties.

Backed by two peer-reviewed clinical studies, this plant-based intelligent ingredient has outperformed animal protein. It has a multi-dimensional effect on muscle health: promoting muscle strength, improving recovery after intense exercise, boosting energy, and supporting the synthesis of protein that assists in maintaining and building muscleA 'peptide-specific’ effect to address the muscle homeostasis between muscle protein synthesis, muscle atrophy and inflammation, offers an alternative to a purely uncharacterized nutritional intervention.  In the most recent double blind placebo clinical study,  PeptiStrong™  alone provided:  


Featured PeptiStrong research benefits: 

  • Regenerates muscles by increasing the expression of new muscle fibers.
    • Type I “Slow Twitch” Muscle Fibers are responsible for endurance and strength endurance. They contain a higher number of mitochondria and utilize fat for energy.
    • Type II “Fast Twitch” Muscle fibers are responsible for strength and force production. Loss of Type II fibers is most associated with aging.
  • Reduces muscle loss and fat accumulation
  • Reduces Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha (TNF-α)
  • Improves cellular metabolism through the activation of AMPK which in turn increases the levels of NAD+ and sirtuins
  • Maintains autophagy in skeletal muscle similar to fasting
  • Induces mitochondrial biogenesis in the muscle cel

Senactiv® (Panax notoginseng (root) and Rosa roxburghii (fruit)) extracts containing ginsenoside Rg1:

Senactiv® has over 10 years of research behind it including 2 in vivo studies and 5 human clinical trials.  A recent study confirmed a process to reverse aging in muscle cells. Aging in muscle cells is a function of a cell itself, not being able to divide and repair itself. The process is known as cellular senescence, and it happens during aging. This study found that by the overexpression of a particular protein called NANOG, the cell does not have be reset to a different state to reverse aging. Ginsenoside Rg1 contained in Senactiv®, has the potential to activate expression of NANOG to help in reversing the aging process in skeletal muscle.  A new mechanism of aging has been uncovered by researchers: the accumulation of sphingolipids. Ceramides, a widely known class of sphingolipids, build up in aging muscle and reduce its function, impacting the functional capacity of older adults.   Senactiv® has the potential to inhibit sphingolipid synthesis prevent age-related decline in muscle mass and reduce its function. 

 Senactiv® has been also shown to have the potential to: 


  • Increase endurance performance

        • endurance performance was extended by increasing energy in cells and increasing glycogen replenishment in muscles


  • Speed up muscle fatigue recovery

        • speeding up muscle fatigue recovery can be achieved by decreasing muscle inflammation during exercise and accelerating muscle inflammation recovery after exercise


  • Muscle regeneration

        • muscle regeneration was increased by eliminating senescent cells and increasing new muscle growth

    AstraGin® (Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng) root extracts containing astragaloside I, II, IV and ginsenoside Rb1:

    AstraGin® has been shown to increase intestinal arginine and leucine absorption by 67% and 58%, respectively, which contributes to the activation of the mTOR pathway and suggest increasing the skeletal muscle protein synthesis by up to 30%.  Recent studies show that the gut-muscle axis is a physiological target for combatting anabolic resistance and reducing risk of sarcopenia.

    AstraGin® has shown in 16 in-vitro and 8 in-vivo studies that are published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Molecular Nutrition & Food Research and Scientific Reports to: 

    • Increase the absorption of peptides, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and phytonutrients by up regulating the absorption specific mRNA and transporters, such as SGLT1, CAT1, and GLUT4. 
    • Repair ulcerated and damaged intestinal walls and reduce intestinal submucosa inflammation. AstraGin® was shown in a hematoxylin-eosin stain and a MPO assay to reduce ulceration and unclear surfaces of intestinal epithelial cells and sub-mucosal edema in TNBS- induced colitis rats. 
    • May help maintain a healthy microbiota population by mending ulcerated and damaged intestinal epithelial cell surfaces for the microbiota to populate. 
    • May help support stronger immune functions by mending ulcerated epithelial cells and reducing the inflammation in intestinal mucosal lamina propria that hosts the gut- associated lymphoid tissue (GALT1), T cells, plasma cells, mast cells, dendritic cells, and macrophages. 
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    The "Wolverine" Peptide

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    “Since uncovering Dr. Grace's website, I have made several changes that improved my energy, my sleep and have helped me feel better over all.” - A.S.


    The "Wolverine" Peptide - Full Body Repair and Regeneration

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    Several studies have shown that PEA is effective in reducing symptoms of IBS, such as abdominal pain and bloating. A recent clinical trial showed that a PEA-based product was able to significantly reduce IBS symptoms in patients who did not respond to standard therapy.

    PEA has also been shown to be effective in supporting other digestive disorders such as GERD and IBD. In a clinical trial, PEA was able to significantly reduce symptoms of GERD, such as heartburn and acid reflux.

    The BPC+PEA 500 is a best seller because:

    • Aids in the repair and regeneration of damaged tendons
    • Promote healing of gastric ulcers and improve symptoms.
    • Helps to support inflammatory bowel disease

    When you take care of your gut, your gut takes care of you.



    Eurycoma longifolia is an herb that can help build fortitude and support your body’s natural functions


    Tribulus terrestris supports libido and lean muscle mass and features potent concentrations of steroidal saponins


    Ginkgo biloba helps fight free radicals, promotes healthy blood flow, and supports mental focus and energy

    BPC+PEA 500

    Reduces Abdominal Pain + Bloating

    This is an ideal formula for anyone looking to support full body repair and regeneration.

    • BPC-157 aids in the repair and regeneration of damaged tendonsgestion or heartburn 
    • BPC-157 has been shown to promote healing of gastric ulcers and improve symptoms
    • PEA has been shown improve cognitive function

    Facts Not Fiction

    The Wolverine Peptide

    BPC+PEA 500 is a synergistic blend of highly orally bio-available BPC-157 (Arginine Salt) with Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) and added Salcaprozate sodium (SNAC) for enhanced absorption.

    This is an ideal formula for anyone looking to support full body repair and regeneration.

    • Supports gut issues, gastric reflux, depression, performance, and more
    • Reduces recovery time and improve outcomes following an injury
    • Maximized oral bioavailability thanks to molecule called SNAC in our formulation

    Boost Your Recovery And Regeneration With Our BPC+PEA 500

    If you change your mind after purchasing, we accept returns of unopened, nonperishable items within 14 days of your purchase. The easiest way to prevent issues is to ask questions before you buy. We are here to help you find the right products for your personal health needs and goals!



    “My body composition keeps getting better (8% now from 12-15%). My core body temperatures have improved from 97.1 to 98.6 F. My free Testosterone has improved from 9.7 to 11.6 and SHBG dropped in HALF." - P.K. Verified Buyer

    “Great product! Feeling calm and in a happy mood. Thanks.”- Mya M. Verified Buyer

    “Since uncovering Dr. Grace's website, I have made several changes that improved my energy, my sleep and have helped me feel better over all.” - A.S. Verified Buyer

    “Love this product. It helps with the little extra boost for the day!!”  -  Beverly G. Verified Buyer

    “I swear this has turned me into a new person! I have loads more energy, am happier and just more positive about so many things. I didn’t really think my mood was bad before but this certainly has given me a boost and I’m grateful for it. Everyone should be taking nano mojo - it just makes you feel good and who doesn’t want that?”  Hannah M. Verified Buyer

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