Master Gut Class (Self-paced 8 Module Course)
Master Gut Class (Self-paced 8 Module Course)
Master Gut Class (Self-paced 8 Module Course)

Master Gut Class (Self-paced 8 Module Course)

An 8-Module class for those who want to take
their health and healing to the next level. 

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Take your gut health to the next level, identify root causes, start feeling your best and launch yourself into optimal wellness with our Master Gut Class. 


$ 1,797.00

Reverse the root issues by identifying them through testing, not guessing  

Reset the natural rhythms of your body and improve hormonal imbalance  

Recolonize the terrain, tongue-to-toe, by encouraging diverse, beneficial flora to take root and flourish  

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Have you tried everything, but still don’t feel your best? 

The key to long-lasting balance in the gut microbiome is the 3 R’s of functional medicine at The Gut Institute: Reverse the root issues, Reset rhythms, Recolonize the terrain. It really all comes down to those three things. Dr. Grace truly believes the majority of chronic diseases begin in the digestive system. Time and time again, her private concierge clients see amazing, life-changing results by addressing the 3 R’s. Now, you can do the same for a fraction of the cost with the Master Gut Class!  

The Master Gut Class is ideal for you if:

  • You are curious why your digestion is a little irregular….or a little too regular, despite supplementing 
  • You are curious about nutritional and antioxidant deficiencies 
  • You have chronic gastrointestinal problems and want to heal them 
  • You want to determine if food reactions are contributing to physical or mental symptoms 
  • You wonder why you always feel tired and fatigued 
  • You are frustrated with not being able to lose weight despite trying everything out there  
  • You think your mood could use a boost 
  • Your sex drive could use a reboot 

Reverse the root issues  

Test, don’t guess, about the root issues. We want to make sure the amazing gut guardians like Bifidobacterium longum are sufficient and that pathogens do not overrun keystone populations! That’s why we recommend choosing to include all necessary labs with your course. Testing will help lay the foundation for your personal protocol, which you will learn about in the class.  

Resetting rhythms with gangsta gut friends! 

Your adrenal system produces over 50 different hormones. An imbalance in anabolic and catabolic hormones can manifest as exhaustion, lack of focus, irritability, low drive, fatigue, and more. Whether it’s a busy week at the office, an intense workout, or a global pandemic, stress is the body’s response to a demanding or threatening situation and activates the fight or flight response. In the course, you will learn how to restore balance to your adrenal system. Think of your adrenals like your gangsta gut friend.  

Recolonize the terrain  

You want to be recolonizing your terrain with potent probiotics and striving for an environment that encourages helpful bacteria to settle and colonize. When you choose the option "with labs & probiotics you wil get two bottles of our Bifido Maximus and two bottles of Equilibrium. Bifido Maximus is our OG proprietary probiotic containing 100 billion CFUs and the largest concentration of Bifidobacterium longum on the market for improved digestion, brain fog, and mood. It’s a formula free of Streptococcus & common allergens, including dairy/casein & gluten.  

What People Are Saying

““I heard about Dr. Grace from the Endurance Planet podcast. I have taken the group class and very much appreciate the depth of the content and her incredible understanding of the gut. I loved having the recordings so that I could go back and get even more information. I finally started to feel and think better. I am so grateful!”- Karrie H.  Verified Buyer

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What Makes The Gut Institute Special?

Serious Science

Every TGI product &
program is backed by
solid, respected research.

Clean ingredients

No gluten, no fillers &
no contaminants - you
only get the good stuff!

Super superior

We offer exceptional
products, tested for 
potency & efficacy.

Committed Care

Your health is our passion
& we promise to treat you
with respect & kindness.

What To Expect

Within Hours

Start diving into the videos at your own pace while you wait to receive your labs, if you included those, and your probiotics!

Within Weeks

Begin developing your personalized protocol after receiving your test results.

Within Months

Look for restoration of gut rhythms such as regular bowel movements; better gut function; ability to eat a wider variety of foods that before gave you digestive issues; loss of body fat; improved positivity, mood, energy and libido!

Always Ask Questions

At The Gut Institute, we believe
everyone should be empowered to
advocate for their own health. 

That means asking plenty of questions to discover which foods, supplements, and health routines are right for you! 

Below, you'll find a selection of Frequently Asked Questions about this product, as well as TGI shipping and subscriptions.

Want to know more?

Email us at – we're happy to help!


  The 5 Pillars of the Gut Institute Experience

1. We care

Our focus may be gut health, but our approach is heart centered. We are driven by a passion for helping people live healthier, more fulfilling lives. 

2. We listen

The Gut Institute approach is individualized, based on your own personal body chemistry and symptoms. We take the time to understand your needs and goals. 

3. We learn

Education and study are foundational in all we do. It’s why we build our own programs, interpret our own labs, and create our own proprietary probiotics. 

4. We share

Whether it’s through live workshops, blogs, or podcasts, Dr. Grace and The Gut Institute team recognize that the right information can empower and bring hope. 

5. We believe

There are no lost causes. If you are willing to take accountability for your health, we will stand with you and offer the resources and support to change your life. 


“Yes without your powder I am nothing 😭😭 Wow out of your magic and back to using heaps of toilet paper. Your powder is MAGICAL!!!!!!!! Your probiotics are amazing 😉 From gooey to clean toilet paper!!”  - Functional Medicine Physician Verified Buyer

“Thank you so much for your help! You are such a blessing! Love you!! And THANK YOU. My hip is great! Despite a terrific, abundant, love-filled life I was really sick! I was not sure if I would ever feel better again. I thought I might have to depend on caregivers. I was sure I needed a psych ward, but my family wouldn’t let me go. Through her individualized sleuthing of my body's clues, brilliant scientific understanding, and profound trust in the two as partners, Grace saw only Hope. I clung to her star and it worked! I am healing, whole, back to life again, forever grateful to Grace Liu!”  K.C. Verified Buyer