Microbiome Medicine Mastermind - Titanium
Microbiome Medicine Mastermind - Titanium
Microbiome Medicine Mastermind - Titanium
Microbiome Medicine Mastermind - Titanium iApothecary at TheGutInstitute.com
Microbiome Medicine Mastermind - Titanium iApothecary at TheGutInstitute.com
Microbiome Medicine Mastermind - Titanium iApothecary at TheGutInstitute.com

Microbiome Medicine Mastermind - Titanium

Take your knowledge and your business to a top notch level with Dr. Grace, PharmD

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Dig in at the deepest level of understanding of the Microbiome and best business practices with our highest level 6 month course, which includes 50 jam packed hours of curriculum, 6 LIVE group business coaching calls (along with access to Bionic's 10 live coaching), discussing both clinical and business mentorship QA, PLUS (4) 1:1 Business/Clinical coaching sessions (60 minutes) with Dr. Grace to truly equip you at a master level.

$ 9,997.00
$ 19,997.00


Reverse the root issues by identifying them through testing, not guessing

Reset the natural rhythms of your body and improve hormonal imbalance

Recolonize the terrain, tongue-to-toe, by encouraging diverse, beneficial flora to take root and flourish

Microbiome Medicine Mastermind is the Foundational Course for Understanding the Basics of Dysfunction in the Gut.

At the Gut Institute, we know that all health begins in the gut and we want to help you to understand the inner workings of the gut and its relationship to complex health conditions. Are your clients not having the success that you want? This jam packed course explores both SIFO and SIBO: their symptomatology, testing and diagnostics, and divulges into thorough and effective protocols and therapeutics. With the ease of self-pacing, this 20 hour course will help you to feel empowered to help your most complex clients achieve amazing results. In addition, you will leave this course understanding how to read and interpret OAT and stool testing, and how to effectively work through adrenal, thyroid, and hormonal challenges.

Included are:

  • The Gut Institute client handouts on Oxalates and Diet 
  • SIFO Assessment checklists
  • SIBO Assessment checklists
  • Surveys and Questionnaires to use with clients
  • Handouts from the Natural Medicine Database
  • Effective protocols
  • Case Studies, walked through step by step

Additionally, you will also receive:

*10 LIVE Group clinical coaching calls (Bionic Group) with Dr. Grace to take place monthly to talk through your cases and questions.
*6 LIVE Group Business coaching calls (Titanium only) with Dr. Grace.  
*4 one-on-one coaching calls with Dr. Grace to get undivided attention and work through your toughest cases.
*Exclusive online Thinkific membership.
*Invaluable business pearls and entrepreneurial advice.
*A deep connection with new friends and future partners and collaborators... a true community!
*Knowledge to build and grow your business.
*Knowledge of new cutting edge products and information to help your clients.
**The ability to advertise as a Gut Institute certified practitioner.  

The Microbiome Medicine Mastermind: Titanium includes the following information packed modules:

  • Microbiome Medicine Intro SIFO: Diagnostics, Pathophysiology, Therapeutics, Cases
  • SIFO Protocols: Botanical & Pharmaceutical Antifungal Pharmacology
  • GI Diagnostics I: Organic Acids Test (OAT) Oxalates Biofilm Busting Protocols
  • GI Diagnostics II: Stool Microbiome (16S, 18S, qPCR, Culture) & Parasite Testing
  • HPA-Thyroid-Gonad-Gut Axis Adrenal-Hormone Protocols
  • SIBO & SIPO: Dx Px Tx Cases
  • SIBO-SIPO: Therapeutics & Pharmacology
  • Autoimmunity and Microbiome
  • Probiotics (Part 1)
  • Probiotics (Part 2)
  • Prebiotics (Part 1)
  • Business Pearls (Part 1)
  • Clinical Cases Step by Step
  • Viral Overgrowth: Dx Px Tx Rx Cases
  • Nutrigenomics

The Titanium level of the Microbiome Medicine Mastermind is designed

for the clinician that truly wants to achieve master level expertise in the area of microbiome medicine. From gaining invaluable insight into the ins and outs of complex microbiome disorders and autoimmunity, to developing strong business acumen, this course provides the most in-depth knowledge to practitioners to equip them with not only amazing client results, but true business success as well.  The gut is truly the center of health and wellness and we want to empower you with loads of clinical knowledge to understand the Microbiome and how to solve complex cases.

This 6 month course is jam packed with 50 hours of incredible curriculum divided into 17 modules, diving deep into SIFO, SIBO, hormones/thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, diagnostics and testing, therapeutics and protocols. In addition, you will learn the complexities of autoimmunity, leaky gut, and the use of pre- and probiotics, and understand how to recognize and address viral overgrowth. Dr. Grace provides a plethora of business pearls and clinical cases to walk through step by step. The curriculum is self-paced throughout the 6 months allowing you to work at your own comfort level, but you will also enjoy LIVE coaching calls with Dr. Grace on both clinical and business topics. In addition, 4 one-on-one coaching calls with Dr. Grace are included. If you love what you do but aren’t achieving the results that you desire, the Titanium level Microbiome Medicine Mastermind course is for you.

Why choose the Microbiome Medicine Mastermind Program?

  • Clinical Skills: You will grow as a practitioner and learn to get to the root of and heal autoimmune and microbiome disorders. You will come away with clinical skills and techniques you can start applying right away to help your patients.
  • Grow Your Practice: These new skills that you learn will enable you to get better and faster results for your patients, increase the number of patients that you are able to serve and double your revenues all the same time.
  • Personalize Treatments: You will learn not just information but how to apply it through microbiome testing and personalized medicine protocols to better treat your patients and enhance your ability to deliver to them life-changing results!

Why use OAT with your clients? 

We believe in “testing, not guessing” as it can truly transform health and wellness. All current functional lab testing markers have different limitations and strengths. The OAT currently is the only kit that tells us in detail about the small intestine, which is the origin of most disease. The OAT also sheds light on the large intestine. 

The OAT also provides toxin and terrain information about: 

  • Kingdoms of microbial pathogens in the gut with a           non-invasive first morning urine collection.
  • Adrenal hormones (adrenaline, serotonin,         
  •  Malnourishment and nutrient status (amino acids,
            B vitamins, glutathione, vitamin C, etc.) 
  • Mold (markers 2, 4, 9) 
  • SIFO markers, SIBO markers  
  • Neurotoxin burdens (markers 2, 4, 9, 15, 16, 17, 18) 
  • Oxalates
  • Fat burning capabilities and mitochondrial function 

For the fastest healing we need the 3 Rs!

  • Root issues -- resolve these as we discover and identify with testing, surveys and tracking metrics (temperatures, mood, morning wood, PMS, pain, stress etc)
  • Re-colonizing terrain -- find the missing keystone species in gut and restore these. The biome is always overrun with pathogens, yeasts, viruses, parasites and co-infections when these protective keystone species are missing. We want to gently weed these pathogens out while using potent and effective probiotics to seed the terrain. Recolonize from tongue-to-toes means comprehensive approaches for the skin, vagina, sinuses and other terrain
  • Reset adrenaline/cortisol/thyroid/anabolic hormone and temperature rhythms

Before and After OAT Testimonials

PatientBefore OATSAfter OATS
39 year old fatigued PCOS female with mast cell, histamine and multiple food allergies. - Brain fog fatigue TERRIBLE BAD    MISERABLE before and random on body.
- Was in bathroom all night.
- Chronic IBS-Diarrhea for a decade and just got worse and worse, no protocols or regimens have worked.
- Unable to eat kale it rips my stomach out. On keto diet and it is not working and I’m blowing up in fat

Suboptimal Microbiome: 9
RED: 3

- Improved energy, skin, food intolerances and adrenal-HPAT hormone imbalances
- No acne in a couple months!!
- Now so much energy did long cross country skiing this season for first time in years
- WBC was originally low 2.7 to 4.0 and normalized to 7.1 after protocols
- Now have routine BM instead of in the bathroom all night. Bristol 4 often (no diarrhea).
- Normal life now which is so liberating. I had not realized I was such a prisoner.
- Go out of the house more.
- Can eat starches and carbs - rice, vegetables, sweet potatoes, S and even occasional cooked kale
- Can have a plate of food and not worry about being upset in any way shape or form now
- Energy much better

Suboptimal Microbiome: 5
RED: 1

53 year old male executive and amateur body builder. - IBD
- Abdominal Pain
- Overgrowths, high oxalates and suboptimal malabsorption
- Anti-candida 
-  Anti-saccharomyces antibodies 

Suboptimal Microbiome: 17
RED: 7

- Avoiding Saccharomyces boulardii probiotics helped gut to feel better almost immediately
- Six pack abs for the first time
- More resilience to infections and stress
- Dandruff and diarrhea all gone
- Hardly any IBD flares now 
- No pain fever, pain mucus, bleeding or big sweats

Suboptimal Microbiome: 8
RED: 2

What Makes The Gut Institute Special?

Serious Science

Every TGI product &
program is backed by
evidence-based, peer reviewed research.

Clean ingredients

No gluten, no fillers &
no contaminants - you
only get the good stuff!

Super superior

We offer exceptional
products, tested for 
potency & efficacy.

Committed Care

Your health is our passion
& we promise to treat you
with respect & kindness.

Always Ask Questions

At The Gut Institute, we believe
everyone should be empowered to
advocate for their own health. 

That means asking plenty of questions to discover which foods, supplements, and health routines are right for you! 

Below, you'll find a selection of Frequently Asked Questions about this program.

Want to know more?

Email us at info@thegutinstitute.com – we're happy to help!


  The 5 Pillars of the Gut Institute Experience

1. We care

Our focus may be gut health, but our approach is heart centered. We are driven by a passion for helping people live healthier, more fulfilling lives. 

2. We listen

The Gut Institute approach is individualized, based on your own personal body chemistry and symptoms. We take the time to understand your needs and goals. 

3. We learn

Education and study are foundational in all we do. It’s why we build our own programs, interpret our own labs, and create our own proprietary probiotics. 

4. We share

Whether it’s through live workshops, blogs, or podcasts, Dr. Grace and The Gut Institute team recognize that the right information can empower and bring hope. 

5. We believe

There are no lost causes. If you are willing to take accountability for your health, we will stand with you and offer the resources and support to change your life.