Perfect Poop Bundle
Perfect Poop Bundle
Perfect Poop Bundle iApothecary at
Perfect Poop Bundle iApothecary at
Perfect Poop Bundle iApothecary at
Perfect Poop Bundle iApothecary at

“Since uncovering Dr. Grace's website, I have made several changes that improved my energy, my sleep and have helped me feel better over all.” - A.S.

Perfect Poop Bundle

Perfect Poop Bundle

Enhanced Digestion Starts at the Brain & Gut

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A Comprehensive Bundle of Our Most Potent Blends For Gut Restoration & Longterm Health

If you’ve noticed the natural erosion of your microbiome due to the ravages of modern living then this is the bundle for you: 

The Gut Reset Protocol stack is a best seller because:

  • Supports adrenal health and an optimal response to stress 
  • Boosts mood and energy  
  • Ignites your drive and internal fire  
  • Controls anabolic-catabolic imbalance related weight issues 
  • Increase sleep quality 

When you take care of your gut, your gut takes care of you.



Eurycoma longifolia is an herb that can help build fortitude and support your body’s natural functions


Tribulus terrestris supports libido and lean muscle mass and features potent concentrations of steroidal saponins


Ginkgo biloba helps fight free radicals, promotes healthy blood flow, and supports mental focus and energy


Environmental & Ancestral Probiotic

Modern food is missing the microbes we evolved eating. This blend reseeds your gut back to evolutionarily normal digestion:

  • Alert and focused. Similar to the difference between a full night’s sleep and missing an hour or two.
  • Relaxed. Publications show correlations between happiness, stress, and a diverse microbiome.
  • Better digestion. No longer worry about the “after effects” of your food choices.


Improve Digestion By Restoring The Gut

Bring back diversity and foundational bacteria to your gut microbiome to improve the most basic tenets of your health.

  • Improves digestion
  • Battles bloating, brain fog and low energy
  • Restores bowel regularity
  • Boosts the 70% of your immune system that resides in your gut


Effortless Endurance and Energy

Adaptogens in this bundle help bring your body back to a state of optimal balance and support healthy adrenal function.  

  • Suppresses the stress-related increase of cortisol and nitric oxide,
  • Increases expression of heat shock protein
  • Regulate the body's healthy response to stress


Support a Healthy Hormonal Balance

Ignite a superhero-you in the boardroom, the bedroom, and beyond thanks to the primary ingredients: Tribulus terrestris, Reishi and Ginkgo biloba

  • Reduce physical, mental and emotional fatigue
  • Boost mood and energy to protect against stress 
  • Control weight issues related to anabolic-catabolic imbalance
  • Ignite your drive and internal fire 

If you change your mind after purchasing, we accept returns of unopened, nonperishable items within 14 days of your purchase. The easiest way to prevent issues is to ask questions before you buy. We are here to help you find the right products for your personal health needs and goals!



“My body composition keeps getting better (8% now from 12-15%). My core body temperatures have improved from 97.1 to 98.6 F. My free Testosterone has improved from 9.7 to 11.6 and SHBG dropped in HALF." - P.K. Verified Buyer

“Great product! Feeling calm and in a happy mood. Thanks.”- Mya M. Verified Buyer

“Since uncovering Dr. Grace's website, I have made several changes that improved my energy, my sleep and have helped me feel better over all.” - A.S. Verified Buyer

“Love this product. It helps with the little extra boost for the day!!”  -  Beverly G. Verified Buyer

“I swear this has turned me into a new person! I have loads more energy, am happier and just more positive about so many things. I didn’t really think my mood was bad before but this certainly has given me a boost and I’m grateful for it. Everyone should be taking nano mojo - it just makes you feel good and who doesn’t want that?”  Hannah M. Verified Buyer

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